Olight Gotorch X High Performance Bike Light

Olight Gotorch X High Performance Bike Light

Latest bike light from Olight, the Gotorch X has a powerful 2000 lumens output, with a wide beam and bright hotspot capable of delivering an impressive distance of 250 metres (at the highest level). Olight have also used a Neutral White LED, for excellent color reproduction, and eye comfort.

There are 3 power levels on the Gotorch X, the 2000 lumens high mode, a 1000 lumens low, and a daytime mode (to assist visibility during the day), or 100 lumens. Powered via a high capacity battery pack (which can be fitted to multiple locations on the bike) – run times can be as long as 89 hours in the daytime mode or 7 hours 30 minutes in low.

Olight have also designed the light for ease of use, with a Jumbo sized switch on the top of the light. Making operation very simple.

A durable Aluminum alloy body, drop tested to 1 metre, and with a weather resistance of IPX4. The Gotorch X can operated in poor weather conditions thanks to the level of sealing on the unit. Head design is compatible with GoPro mounts, making it a fast and easy fit to helmets/tripods, and handlebars.

Up to 2000 lumens output, with 3 power levels with long run times

A high intensity neutral white LED combines a strong hotspot with a wide beam. Making it ideal for bike riding where you need to see some way into the distance, yet also have a good view of obstacles closer to the bike. The range of 250 metres at 2000 lumens is class leading for a light of this type, and even at the lower level output of 1000 lumens, it manages to reach 185 metres, with the day running mode of 100 lumens manages 55 metres.

Powering the light is a high capacity power pack, which can run for up to 89 hours at the 100 lumen output. This power pack can also be used as an emergency power bank to charge phones, cameras, and other devices. It’s a type C which is widely compatible with many modern items.

Another useful feature is the power indicator, the power button has an integrated LED which shows 4 levels of power, from Green/Orange/Red/Flashing Red. You will always know how much is left in the power pack. The power pack also has it’s own 4 level indicator which can be checked directly on the pack. Thanks to an extensive bundle, cable management is well catered for, and you have multiple sized rings/straps to pick an ideal location for the power bank.

Large easy to find “Jumbo Switch” for rapid operation

Operation is pure simplicity with the Gotorch X, the oversized switch/button is large covering most of the top of the light. You can easily access the modes pressing the switch even with gloves on.

The main light is a compact unit at 41mm x 64mm (1.61” x 2.52”. It won’t take up much space on the handlebar, allowing you plenty of room to mount other items.

Olight has long used high quality Anodized Aluminum for their products, and the Gotorch X also features this heat treated metal for a superior finish and to resist damage. IPX4 weather resistance and 1 metre drop testing ensures that this bike light will remain in active service for many years. An extensive bundle also allows you to pick various mounting locations, keeping the cable tidy is also important and Olight have provides plenty of clamps, rings and straps/cable ties to give you many places to put the battery pack, and securely fit the head of the light.

Olight Gotorch X Key Features

> High output Neutral White LED Light with up to 2000 lumens output, and a range of 250 metres. Combines both wide illumination and distance thanks to a mixed beam pattern
3 Power levels including a low daytime running mode of 100 lumens, to improve safety cycling during daylight hours, or can be used in well lit areas to enhance your visibility
Oversized “Jumbo Switch” for quick and simple operation
4 Stage power level check on the pack or switch
Head compatible with GoPro mounts, for rapid and easy mounting
Large Capacity Battery Pack, with Type C charging, and support for 18W fast charge. Can also be used as a power bank
Cable has integrated cable management to ensure a clean fitting to bikes
IPX 4 weather resistance, drop tested to 1 metre
>  2 Year Olight Warranty

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