Olight Gotorch X 2000 Lumen Mountain Bike Light Bundle

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The Olight Gotorch X is a torch to be installed on a bicycle and allows to reach a maximum output of 2000 lumens with a beam equipped with a particularly bright hotspot and with a wide output. This light basically consists of two main parts: We have the head of the light which is compatible with GoPro mounts so it can be mounted very quickly and easily on handlebars, helmets, tripods and any other mount compatible with GoPro mounts. At the top of the head there is a large switch that allows you to turn the light on and off quickly and easily. The switch is easily operated even when wearing particularly thick gloves. The battery is separate from the flashlight and is located in a rechargeable battery pack that allows you to keep the light on for up to 80 continuous hours. It is a 14.4V 64.8Wh 21700 battery pack with a USB Type-C port, it supports 18W fast charging and discharging This flashlight can be used as a Power Bank to recharge for example your phone, GPS, action cameras and much other. This torch is capable of reaching 250m distance when used on the maximum output level of 2000 lumens. The beam is wide and gives you a wide angle view of the trail you're riding so it's easier to see obstacles in front and to the side. This light makes cycling outings even safer and will allow you to stay longer on the trails given its great autonomy. On the torch there is also a status indicator which, by lighting up and flashing in different colors, allows you to understand at what point the capacity is of the battery: when the indicator lights up green it means that the capacity is over 75% when the light lights up orange it means that the capacity is between 75% and 30% while when the LED lights up red means that the capacity is between 30% and 10% and finally when the LED flashes red it means that the capacity is less than 10%. There are three output levels and they are divided as follows: Level 1 of 2000-1300-1000 lumens with a runtime of 5-230-50 minutes, Level 2 of 1000 lumens with a runtime of 450 minutes and level 3 of 100 lumens with a 89 hour runtime. There are no special stroboscopic or flashing levels like Strobe, SOS and Beacon. The dimensions are: Height 2.52 in (64 mm), Body Diameter 1.85 in (47 mm) Length 1.61 in (41 mm), while the weight is 114 g (4.02 oz) (Bike light with stand); 383 g (13.51 oz) (Extended Battery Pack). water resistance is given by the IPX4 standard. The package is rich and overall includes Gotorch X Bike Light x 1, Screws x 2, USB Cable x 1, Clamp Arm x 1, Cable Zip Ties x 2, Big Silicone Strap x 1, Small Silicone Strap x 1, 7/64 in Allen Wrench x 1, Thin Cushion Ring(31.80 mm / 1.25 in) x 1, Thick Cushion Ring(28.60 mm / 1.12 in) x 1, Clamp x 1, User Manual x 1.