Olight Gotorch X 2000 Lumen Mountain Bike Light Bundle

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The Olight Gotorch X is a powerful bicycle torch designed to illuminate your path during nighttime rides, providing a maximum output of 2000 lumens. This exceptional light source boasts a unique beam configuration, featuring a brilliantly bright hotspot and a wide beam spread for comprehensive coverage of your surroundings.

Comprised of two primary components, the Gotorch X is built for versatility and ease of installation. The head of the light is thoughtfully designed to be compatible with GoPro mounts, facilitating quick and effortless attachment to handlebars, helmets, tripods, or any other accessories compatible with GoPro mounts. At the top of the head, you'll find a generously-sized switch that simplifies the process of turning the light on and off, even when you're wearing thick gloves.

The power source for this illuminating device is a separate rechargeable battery pack, ensuring extended runtime for your cycling adventures. This 14.4V 64.8Wh 21700 battery pack includes a USB Type-C port, supporting 18W fast charging and discharging. Remarkably, the Gotorch X can also double as a power bank, enabling you to recharge your phone, GPS, action cameras, and other devices while on the go.

When operating at its maximum output of 2000 lumens, this torch can reach a remarkable distance of 250 meters. Its wide beam angle provides an expansive view of the trail ahead, making it easier to spot obstacles both in front and to the side. With up to 80 continuous hours of operation, this light enhances safety during your cycling outings and allows you to prolong your time on the trails.

For monitoring the battery's status, the torch is equipped with an indicator that uses different colors to convey the remaining capacity. Green indicates a capacity of over 75%, while orange signifies a range between 75% and 30%. Red indicates a capacity between 30% and 10%, and flashing red signals a capacity of less than 10%.

The Gotorch X offers three distinct output levels to cater to various lighting needs. Level 1 provides 2000-1300-1000 lumens with runtimes of 5-230-50 minutes, Level 2 delivers 1000 lumens for up to 450 minutes, and Level 3 offers 100 lumens with an impressive 89-hour runtime. It's worth noting that there are no special strobe or flashing modes such as Strobe, SOS, or Beacon.

In terms of dimensions, the Gotorch X stands at 2.52 inches in height, with a body diameter of 1.85 inches and a length of 1.61 inches. The bike light with its stand weighs 114 grams (4.02 ounces), while the extended battery pack tips the scales at 383 grams (13.51 ounces). The torch is designed with a water resistance rating of IPX4, ensuring it can handle wet conditions without issue.

The comprehensive package includes the following items: Gotorch X Bike Light x 1, Screws x 2, USB Cable x 1, Clamp Arm x 1, Cable Zip Ties x 2, Big Silicone Strap x 1, Small Silicone Strap x 1, 7/64 in Allen Wrench x 1, Thin Cushion Ring (31.80 mm / 1.25 in) x 1, Thick Cushion Ring (28.60 mm / 1.12 in) x 1, Clamp x 1, and User Manual x 1. With its exceptional features and robust design, the Olight Gotorch X is the ideal companion for your nighttime cycling adventures, providing safety, versatility, and long-lasting illumination.