Olight Introduces The Swivel Pro—Versatile LED Work Light

Olight Introduces The Swivel Pro—Versatile LED Work Light

Apart from finding your way at night, spotlights are essential even in rescue operations. If you're stranded in the dark, and you don't have a spotlight, it's very difficult for the rescuers to spot you. So it's always advisable that before you walk out for an adventure, you always have one inside your backpack. And the Swivel Pro is one of the best options in 2022. An upgrade of the Swivel, the Swivel Pro can produce a maximum of 1,100 lumens. It's powered by two parallel 18650 5200mAh lithium batteries that are rechargeable via a Type-C port and can power the light for up to 84 hours. 

Powerful Magnetic Base and a Clip-Style Hook

In the folding base of the light are three powerful magnets which can firmly attach to any iron surface for storage, especially in tight spaces or just for hands-free use. After attaching the base, you can set the light at any angle. It's 180° adjustable up and down and 150° left and right. Meaning in any angle or direction you would like to work, there's no limit once you have the Swivel Pro. 

And to even make your work easier and your lighting more fun and brighter, the light features a hook. The clip-style hook makes it easier to carry the Swivel Pro around, as you can hang it on a backpack, ropes, pipes, and much more. 

Seven Brightness Settings

The Swivel Pro doesn't restrict you to one lighting option. There are a total of seven lighting settings. The COB floodlight features five lighting modes.  Which are;

  1. Medium Brightness
  2. High Brightness
  3. Low Brightness
  4. Red Light
  5. Flashing Red Light

These, together with two spotlight modes, bring it to seven. It gives a maximum output of 1100 lumens with a maximum beam distance of 40 meters in Floodlight mode and a maximum of 65 meters in Spotlight mode. The maximum run time is 84 hours in Floodlight mode and 55 hours in Spotlight mode.

Fast and Convenient Recharging

As discussed earlier, the light has a strong battery that can last as long as 84 hours. But power usage can sometimes be too much, resulting in a complete drain. In such a scenario, the only option is to charge the light so you can continue using it. It's powered by two 18650 5200mAh lithium batteries placed parallel to each other and are rechargeable through a Type-C port using a Type-C charging cable. So, in the box, alongside the Swivel Pro and several other items, is a Type-C Charging Cable. It's this cable that's used to charge the light. The Swivel Pro takes a maximum of 3.5 hours to charge fully then you can use it for another 84 hours. 

But don't be worried because the Swivel Pro will not leave you in the dark abruptly. Four dots give you an update on the battery percentage. The dots are blue when the battery power is 90% and above. From 65% to 95%, three of the dots remain blue, with the fourth one only flashing. Then from 35% to 65%, two of the dots remain blue while the other only flashes. From 15% to 35%, only one remains blue while the rest flashes. And below 15%, all of them will be flashing. So this will help you keep track of the battery percentage and plan on when you need to recharge next. 

Built to Stay for Long

The devices from Olightworld are known for their robust nature and the power to resist breakage and the Swivel Pro was also built to last. With a sturdy ABS body that is IPX4 water resistant, the light is safe for use in environments with varying weather changes. It can resist heat, corrosion, and water splashes. Plus, an ABS+PC body material means that it's capable of resisting any forces originating from a distance of 0.8 meters or less. 

Tripod Compatible 

If you have been looking for a light that you can hold with your tripod as you continue shooting or taking care of other activities, then look no more because we present to you the Swivel Pro. It's equipped with a standard tripod threading adapter. And when you decide to use it with a tripod, you can adjust the height and change angles using the tripod's adjustments. It also allows you to bring light closer to your working area. 

Perfect Spotlight

There's an additional LED in the head, plus focused beams and two brightness settings that allow you to view things at a distance and concentrate on a specific area at a time. 

The Swivel Pro in a Nutshell

  • Magnetic base. There are three powerful Magnets in the folding base which attach to any iron surface.
  • Long run time. Up to 84 hours on a single charge.
  • Built to last. The Swivel Pro is water and impact resistant.
  • Two built-in 18650 5200mAh lithium rechargeable batteries placed parallel to each other. 
  • Tripod Compatible. It's equiped with a standard tripod threading adapter.
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