Olight Swivel Pro Versatile COB & LED Work Light

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The Olight Swivel Pro is a torch for work born as a direct evolution and update of the previous Swivel model. It is a rotating and foldable COB+LED work light. The mount can be rotated by 150° and comes with a ¼ thread for attaching to a tripod. The Olight Swivel Pro COB projects a wide and regular beam up to 1100 lumens for near field lighting with a maximum runtime of 84 hours and a maximum reachable distance of 40 meters. The LED instead provides a more focused and more distant beam with a maximum output of 220 lumens, maximum distance of 65 meters and max runtime of 55 hours. The Olight Swivel Pro is powered by 2 internal and non-removable parallel 18650 5200mAh rechargeable Li-ion batteries. The batteries are recharged via a Type-C charging port. Equipped with a 180° adjustable clip holder with magnets inside, it is comfortable and hands-free. The sturdy and well-sealed ABS body resists daily shocks and water splashes. Versatile, robust and flexible, the Swivel Pro will light up your tasks in a variety of working conditions. The holder has a ¼ thread for attaching to a tripod and can be rotated 150°, the COB module producing a powerful light for repairs or close-up work. The 180° adjustable clip holder allows you to adjust the beam angle or hang the product on a backpack, tent, branch and use it as needed. Three strong magnets inside the holder stick firmly to any iron surface. Built-in 18650 5200mAh battery rechargeable via a Type-C port, it reaches a maximum autonomy of 84 hours when using the energy saving mode.

The user interface is very simple: Press the button to turn on the light. Press the button again after the light has been on for 3 seconds or more to turn it off. To change brightness press the button quickly to change brightness. Are available two modes: Mode 1 (camp light mode) with this output levels): Medium→High→Low→Red Light→Flashing Red Light→Off

Mode 2 (flashlight mode) : High→Low→Off. To change modes while the light is on, press and hold the button for 1 second to exchange mode 1 and mode 2.

The Status LED indicators provide information on remaining cell capacity: 4 blue lights on 75%-100% , 3 blue lights on 50%-75%, 2 blue lights on 25%-50% ,1 blue light on 5% -25%, 1 blue light strobe <5%. They also provide information about the charging progress: <25%, 1 blue light strobe, 25%-50%, 1 blue light on, the second one strobe, 50%-75%, 2 blue lights on, the third one strobe, 75%-100%, 3 blue lights on, the fourth one strobe, 100%, 4 blue lights on

    MAX OUTPUT: 1100 lumens
    Floodlight Mode: 40 meters
    Spotlight Mode: 65 meters
    Floodlight Mode: 84 hours
    Spotlight Mode: 55 hours
    POWERED BY: 18650*2/1S2P/3.7V/5200mAh/19.24Wh
    DIMENSIONS: Length: 5.12in/130mm (Folded)
    Width: 2.13in/54mm
    Height: 1.85in/47mm
    LIGHT SOURCE: Red & White Light COB/White Light LED
    WEIGHT: 11.46oz/325g (Including Battery)
    DROP TEST: 0.8m
    USE: Working & Repairing
    Outdoors: Emergency Lighting