Skilhunt EC200 2250 Lumens USB-C Rechargeable EDC Flashlight

Skilhunt EC200 2250 Lumens USB-C Rechargeable EDC Flashlight

Skilhunt EC200 Series Flashlights with up to 2250 lumens output

The EC200 range from Skilhunt offers a variety of emitters and a choice of a standard and small sized body. 3 Variations are offered and a number of colors to choose from.

EC200 is an 18650 powered model with 3 x LED output, rated at up to 2250 lumens and a choice of 3 x Cree XP-G4 Cool White LED’s (6500K) or 3 x Nichia 519A Neutral White LEDs with a high CRI (4500K).

EC200S uses the same battery (18650) and body shape as the EC200, but it has different LED options with a power level up to 2100 lumens. There is a choice of 2 x Cree XP-G4 Cool White (6500K) with 1 x Nichia 519A LED (High CRI warm White 3000K), or 2 x Nichia 519A Neutral White LEDs (high CRI 4500K), and 1 x Nichia 519A (Warm White high CRI 3000K).

EC200S Mini is as the name suggest a smaller version of the two above with a top output of 2100 lumens, with multiple LED choices including 2 x Cree XP G-4 Cool White (6500K) and 1 x Nichia 519A (warm white high CRI 3000K), and 2 x Nichia 519A Neutral White (high CRI 4500K) and 1 x Nichia 519A Warm white high CRI (3000K).

Both the EC200 and EC200S are 18650 powered, with the EC200S Mini using a 18350 battery. All models have a USB C charging port for rapid charging and feature multi stage battery/charge level indicators built into the side switch.

They also feature double sided clips for secure attachment to pockets/bags etc, and magnetic base so you can attach it to metal objects and use it as a working light too.

Build is up the usual premium level from Skilhunt, including dense knurling on the body for a secure grip, aluminum alloy bodies with hard type III anodizing for long term durability, with stainless steel bezels too. Drop tested to 1 metre, and IPX8 water dust resistance.

Sizes range from 102mm x 25mm (length x head diameter), weight of 48.5g without battery for the EC200/S versions, and 71mm x 25mm (length x head diameter), weight of 42.5g without the cell for the smaller EC200S Mini.

Choice of emitters, wide range of levels with custom UI for simple yet comprehensive operation

With the choice of models and LEDs, users have a good selection to decide which is the best option for their needs. Beam profiles are enhanced due to the use of special TIR optical lenses over each LED, giving a larger more even hot spot and combination of spread and range.

EC200 Cool White can reach up to 175 metres (2250 lumens), or Warm White 120 metres (1550 lumens).

EC200S Cool White has a range of 164 metres (2100 lumens), and the single LED Warm White has a range of 109 metres (1400 lumens). The EC200S mini has the same range as the EC200S with those LEDs.

Skihunt’s UI is both simple and comprehensive, with 7 main levels, some models feature 4 levels on the secondary LED, shortcuts to Turbo, Strobe and you can pick the levels you want to use for Turbo, Mid and Low, giving unprecedented flexibility. Lock-out is also present.

Advanced thermal management, temperature protection and features copper board for improved heat dissipation.

Skilhunt EC200 Series - Key Features

Choice of 3 models including 2 18650 ones (EC200/EC200S) and a smaller 18350 (EC300S Mini).

Power up to 2250 lumens and a range of 175 metres (cool white EC200 model).

Multiple options of LED emitters including Cool, Neutral and Warm White.

UV versions also available.

Choice of colors.

USB C charging with multi level charge and battery level indicator built into side switch.

Magnetic Base with Stainless Steel double clip.

Run time up to 100 hours (1 lumen cool white).

Custom UI simple but also offers advanced control too.

2 sizes: 102mm x 25mm (EC200/S), or 71mm x 25mm (EC200S Mini).

Aluminum alloy body, with bezel, with TIR optical lenses for improved beam.

IPX8 water proof, drop tested to 1 metres.

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