Update Aurora A28 To Latest A28 G2 Version: Adds New Features and Several LEDs Options

Update Aurora A28 To Latest A28 G2 Version: Adds New Features and Several LEDs Options

Everyone's flashlight needs are different, that's why you'll love all the options that the Rovyvon Aurora A28 G2 offers.Compact, powerful, with several LEDs options, and upgrade, the Aurora A28 G2 will be the perfect pick as your next flashlight.

Thanks to the feedback of the customers that used the first generation of A28, the second generation of this light has so many improvements:
It's USB-C rechargeable, has a larger battery size, 850mAh (the old battery had 600mAh), a dual switch that is more user friendly, a lockout mode to avoid accidental activations, instant access to moonlight and turbo mode, 3 additional LEDs on the side that offer more functionality, and a detachable, two-way pocket clip.

The A28 G2 is a very compact EDC light, measuring just 76mm in lenght, with a diameter of 21 mm, weighting in at only 50 grams.The A28 G2 comes in several options, depending on the LEDs mounted on the light; the first choice is the main LED: you can pick either a high output CREE XP-L cool white, or a HICRI LED, a Nichia 219C. 

But that was not enough for you flashaholics, so Rovyvon added 3 colored LEDs on the side of the light, and here again you can pick between 3 options:the first has a 365nm UV LED, a Red LED and a Warm white LED; the second has 2 warm white LEDs and a 365nm UV LED; the third has 2 red LEDs and a warm white LED.

The 365 nm UV sidelight is useful to check banknotes, charge your glow in the dark items, and see what's UV reactive (scorpions especially included) around you.The red LEDs are useful to preserve night vision and can be used to signal your position in the traffic or during an emergency.The warm white LED is great to provide diffuse ambient light for your diy works or for when you want to relax and read a book in your home, or consult a map in the outdoors.

Wether you choose the XP-L version, with a max output of 1000 lumens, or the HICRI version, with a max output of 600 lumens, the A28 will make you always have a trick up your sleeve, thanks to the 3 side LEDs that you can pick to best suit your needs.

The USB-C charging port will make the charging progress easier and faster, thanks to the fact that the USB-C port works in both orientation: no more fiddling around with the charging cable; and the USB-C cables nowadays are so common and available.The increased battery side will give you precious extra runtime, wether you are turning on your A28 G2 to follow your dog into your evening walks, looking for your fallen keys, or exploring the outdoors.

The two way magnetic clip increases the number of ways you can carry and use the light, especially considering how the newly introduced side LEDs can work when the A28 G2 is clipped to your clother or a bag, or attached to a metallic surface thanks to the integrated magnet.

Pick your own version of the A28 G2 and enjoy it!
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