RovyVon Aurora A28 (G2) USB-C Versatile EDC Flashlight

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The Rovyvon Aurora A28 (G2) is the updated and improved version of the previous first generation Aurora A28. The differences with the previous model are mainly the following: a type-C charging port has been added to allow fast battery charging and update the flashlight to the latest USB standards. The battery has gone from the previous 600mAh to 850mAh of capacity, consequently extending the runtimes and the duration of the various output levels. The double switch has been inserted for a much easier and simpler use. There is the possibility of electronically locking the interface and it is also possible to access the Moonlight mode and the Turbo mode in a diert way using a shortcut. On the side of the Rovyvon Aurora A28 (G2) there are 3 multifunction colored auxiliary LEDs.

The Aurora A28 (G2) also has a small metal pocket clip that allows the flashlight to be connected to clothes, pockets, belts, hats, backpacks and any MOLLE system. Among the main features we have the presence of a main high output LED. It is possible to choose between a CREE XP-L LED and a High CRI - Nichia 219C LED. The XP-L LED produces a cool tint with a very powerful output, while the version of the Aurora A28 (g2) with Nichia 219C LED produces a warm light with a high color rendering index so the colors are seen by the human eye as when there is. it is daylight. the dimensions of the Aurora A28 (G2) are 76 mm (Length) x 21.5 mm (Diameter) while the weight is 50.2g / 1.77oz. In addition to the flashlight, the package also includes User manual, warranty card, Pocket clip, USB C-A cable, Charging port cover, Keyring, sp O-ring.

The Rovyvon Aurora A28 (G2) is an extremely small and compact flashlight with a very light weight: it is ideal for everyday use as a classic EDC. It is in fact very convenient to carry inside the trouser pocket or inside the pouch or bag. In the hand it offers a nice feeling of robustness: the head is made of metal with a series of mini millings for heat dissipation. The body, on the other hand, is made of durable polymeric material that guarantees wear resistance. It is also transparent so it allows you to see the internal circuits of the torch as well as to pass the light of the auxiliary LEDs with which the torch is equipped. Well done the two electronic switches which are made of metal. Also convenient is the ring on the tail that allows you to attach the flashlight to a lanyard, key rings or small carabiners. The auxiliary UV LED allows you to inspect the banknotes to verify that they are not counterfeit, while the auxiliary warm LED with its fully diffused beam is ideal for illuminating very short distances, for example for reading.

Front LED: High Output - CREE XP-L, High CRI - Nichia 219C
Size: 76mm (Length) x 21.5mm (Diameter)
Weight: 41g/1.45oz
Accessories: User manual, warranty card, Pocket clip, USB C-A cable, Charging port cover, Keyring, O-ring