Brief Review of Nitecore NU33 Headlamp

Brief Review of Nitecore NU33 Headlamp

Headlamps are very useful equipment for night climbing, night running, camping, outdoor exploration, equipment maintenance and daily emergency. Compare the flashlight. The headlamp releases both hands. After contacting Nitecore NU33, we found that NU33 is compatible and versatile in all aspects on the market.
 Nitecore NU33

Weighing 95.5 g, the Nitecore NU33 has little weight-bearing discomfort when worn on the head and is flexible enough to help us cope with high-frequency activities. The three light sources provide both floodlight and spotlight, and the integrated optical lens brings 700 lumens of clearer and softer eye protection. In addition, the characteristics of direct impact and metal body are also convenient and durable.

When you get the Nitecore NU33, there is a product drawing and a brief performance description on the simple box. From the side, there is more NU33 information.
 Nitecore NU33

One side is marked with a maximum brightness of 700 lumens, a maximum range of 135 meters and an anti-fall performance of 1 meter. The certification marks such as CE at the bottom of this side are also the embodiment of reliable quality.

The other side is the description of the use scenario, as shown in the figure, all kinds of outdoor activities, machine repair inspection and other scenarios can be competent.
 Nitecore NU33

Opening the package, we can see that the product's storage is very delicate, the size of NU33 after storage is very compact, and outdoor carrying does not occupy space. Lightweight, compact and high performance are the reasons for choosing the Nitecore NU33.

C-port charging cable brings efficient supply effect. C port is also the most common interface mode at present, which can achieve convenient supply without the original charging cable.
 Nitecore NU33

NU33 has three lamp beads side by side, and the integrated optical lens has a transmittance of more than 94%. At the same time of clear illumination, there will be a soft edge transition of light spots, which does not stimulate the experience of both eyes.

The top is equipped with double buttons, the left main button realizes the operation of switch and gear switching, and the right MODE button is the operation position of light source switching. The operation logic of the double keys is clearer and the completion is faster. So it is more suitable for outdoor use.

On the operation of closing, the design of this lamp is very user-friendly, and it can be closed by pressing any button for a long time after opening.

The two buttons are functionally different in order to facilitate fingertip identification. Its appearance and pattern settings are also different, and these small details are also the embodiment of the brand's intentions. Heart also brings a more humane experience.
 Nitecore NU33
Most headlamps on the market are made of plastic, and the durability of these headlamps is average. The Nitecore NU33 features a patented lightweight aluminum front shell. In use, the heat dissipation is better, and it doesn't matter if it rubs and scratches. This allows for more complex outdoor scenarios.

C-port charging is the most efficient and versatile, and outdoor supplies can be easily plugged in. Large capacity of 2000 mAh is built in, which brings good endurance. Its endurance is equivalent to 9 AAA batteries. And it only takes 1.5 hours to resupply.
 Nitecore NU33
The angle of illumination can be switched between multiple gears, which is convenient for both uphill and downhill running at night.

When the MODE button is pressed for a short time, the power indication is clearly displayed in front of us. The starting point of 4 lights is nearly 100%, 3 lights are about 75%, two lights are 50%, and one bar is 25%.

The headlamp webbing is a skin-friendly reflective headlamp, which is comfortable and dry to wear. The logo bumps on it bring full-angle reflection at night, which is easy to identify.

In terms of lighting, the main lamp can achieve 700 lumens of extreme brightness, 200 lumens of high brightness, 60 lumens of medium brightness and SOS and beacon modes.
 Nitecore NU33
The white auxiliary light is 50 lumens at low light and 6 lumens at moonlight.

Red light can bring better penetration effect outdoors, so red light is used for warning. Red light has two modes: constant light and warning slow flash. If it is illuminated with red light, it can protect the dark vision of human eyes.

700 lumens brings a range of 135 meters, which is 4 hours at this time, and 147 hours at low brightness. The standby time is more than one year.

The constant current circuit brings a constant experience without stroboscopic when lighting, and the eyes are more comfortable.

The auxiliary light is sufficient when the battery is low, or when the scene is familiar.
 Nitecore NU33
The effect of red light is also good, because it can protect dark vision. Red light is suitable for night map viewing, emergency help, outdoor stargazing, wildlife observation and night shooting. Of course, red light is more often used as warning lighting.

For wearing, the high elastic webbing brings a stable wearing effect. Different head circumferences can be adjusted conveniently. The headlamp angle allows for a more appropriate up and down adjustment in different scenarios of up and down grades.

NU33 is a rare combination of light, easy to operate, multi-brightness, multi-light source, high endurance and other performance on the market. So the NU33 is an all-purpose headlamp.
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