Small stature, big function! Brief Review Of NITECORE TINI2 Key Keychain Flashlights

Small stature, big function! Brief Review Of NITECORE TINI2 Key Keychain Flashlights

I have used many kinds of key chain flashlights, and I like this kind of small flashlights very much. Most of the mainstream markets are cylindrical structures powered by AAA batteries. Compact and portable are the main features of this kind of products, and the utilization rate is very high. In terms of performance, the key chain flashlight is almost single-gear, multi-gear products will be slightly less, the normal output is about 100 lumens, which is dozens of times brighter than the mobile phone, and the emergency use is impeccable. Today, we bring a product of NITECORE, which is also an updated product of TINI. It has many black technologies and many bright spots.
TINI2 Key Chain Flashlight

When I first met the TINI2 key chain flashlight, I felt that it was small and delicate, and TINI2 was large and complete. What is big? The volume is small and the function is large. What is complete? Fully functional. TINI2 flashlight is made of A6061-T6 aluminum by CNC precision machining, and the upper and lower sides are combined. The surface of the flashlight adopts the three-level hard oxygen of the military regulation, the color of the gun is gray, the OLED display screen is supported, the real-time status display, the five-level brightness adjustment, the 500-lumen violent output, and the 89-meter long-range shooting is arbitrary. It is a master of USB-C.

The back of the flashlight is relatively simple, with three screws firmly fixed to the flashlight shell, beside which the NITECORE, TINI2 and CE logos are printed.
TINI2 Key Chain Flashlight

Optical system, TINI2 flashlight uses two OSRAM P8 led lamp beads with high white light life, and the delicate and efficient TIR lens refracts the phantom of Osram lamp beads, which makes people want to stop.

The design of the TINI2 flashlight is very similar to that of the remote control, with a rectangular shape and a slope transition on the side, making it smooth and comfortable to use. On the top of the front is the OLED display screen, which monitors the working status of the flashlight in real time, displaying lumen value, power, gear, working mode and endurance time. In terms of control keys, the upper function key and the lower function key are switch keys. TINI2 is designed with double keys, which is in line with Knight's many key chains and flashlights. The functions of small flashlights are still very many, and the two keys are perfectly controlled.
TINI2 Key Chain Flashlight

It is hard to imagine that such a small and exquisite TINI2 flashlight can burst out with the power of 500 lumens, which is qualitatively different from the common key chain flashlight. This is the output range of a small straight tube, and the eyes of temptation hide infinite killing.

500 lumens, you can hardly imagine that it is emitted by a small key ring flashlight, and it is not the first time that Knight has done so radically. Radical is not the only way to do a good job of product performance stability, which requires a certain strength. From design to TIR optical system adjustment, to battery performance of charging and discharging circuit, many of its key chain flashlights are of great strength. Extremely bright 500 lumens can illuminate a whole wall, as a small portable flashlight, emergency use is enough.

The TINI2 flashlight has a built-in high-performance lithium battery, which is charged by direct charging. There is a charging port on the side of the flashlight, which is usually covered with a waterproof plug to prevent water and dust.
TINI2 Key Chain Flashlight
Although the flashlight is small, most of the flashlight manufacturers have already caught up with the last train of Type-C. Of course, Knight is no exception. It is cool to see the positive and negative blind plug interface.

The advantages of Type-C are needless to say, and it is unspeakable for people who have used it to charge it with M port.

Another advantage of Type-C is that charging is not limited to common devices such as chargers and power banks. Mainstream Android phones can support charging small flashlights. As long as they have a CC wire, they can add energy to the TINI2 flashlight at any time. When the flashlight display screen is connected, the current voltage can be displayed in real time. The double keys of the flashlight have LED lights flashing slowly, indicating that they are currently being charged. TINI2 also supports charging to light up the infinite relay mode, which is very interesting as a nightlight.
TINI2 Key Chain Flashlight
When you are free, use the Huawei mobile phone to supplement the power of the TINI2 flashlight. Use the high-precision POWER-Z tester to record that the input power is almost 1.3 W. It takes 89 minutes to fully charge this small flashlight. The official announcement is that 280 mAh is up to the standard. The charging speed of more than one hour is already very fast. It is close to 1 C to charge and use high-performance lithium batteries.

Tail stainless steel metal rings, both sides of the screw lock strong and durable, do not worry about the possibility of falling off.

The weight of 17.3g is basically in the top category of key chain flashlight. The compact structure design of 25 * 42.3 * 12.5MM is compact and portable. The weight is comparable to that of AAA flashlight, but the performance is in the stage of seckill. Operational logic
TINI2 Key Chain Flashlight
The control mode of TINI2 key chain flashlight is not complicated. Press the power button to light the flashlight, and click the function key to switch gears. The small flashlight has 1 lumen, 15 lumens, 65 lumens, 200 lumens and 500 lumens respectively. The flashlight has the function of memorizing the gear and restoring the previous gear.

When the flashlight is turned off, press the power button for a long time to open the moonlight file. The map under 1 lumen fill light is clear enough in a small area.

In addition to the full lock mode, long press the function mode to start the extremely bright 500 lumens, which is very convenient to operate. Long press it to light up and release it to extinguish.
TINI2 Key Chain Flashlight
The power of TINI2 flashlight is not to be underestimated. Extremely bright 500 lumens can be said to be turbocharged for a key chain flashlight. The lighting visual experience brought by 500 lumens has gone far beyond the range of common keychain flashlights. The road of more than 10 meters at night has been completely covered by light, and the main and auxiliary spots have been completely fused. The soft floodlight brought by TIR lens is very beautiful, and the overall brightness is uniform and visibility is very good. The longest range of TINI2 flashlight has reached 89 meters, and the paving effect is good.

Long press the function key to start extremely bright, 500 lumens at any time.

The TINI2 flashlight has a built-in advanced temperature control module and a powerful cooling system, which allows the extremely bright 500 lumens to bring considerable heat to be discharged quickly. In addition to the strong design of letting go, the active temperature control of the flashlight can also ensure the best working condition.
TINI2 Key Chain Flashlight
Another function of TINI2 is mode switching. TINI2 has demonstration mode and daily mode, which can be switched by pressing double keys for a long time.

The special feature of the demonstration mode is that there is a 30-second timer. There is a countdown time on the left side of the display screen. When the timer time is up, the flashlight function will be automatically turned off. It is suggested that the demonstration mode be renamed as the timer mode. When you start, you will be confused. The factory is the demonstration mode.

Come back in the evening to observe whether the green plants in the house are normal, 15 lumens can clearly observe the flourishing growth of plants, branches and leaves under the irradiation of TINI2 flashlight, the color is restored to normal.
TINI2 Key Chain Flashlight
The TINI2 flashlight has a double locking mode. In the semi-locked state, you can press the function key to summon Shenlong at any time. 500 lumens are on call to meet the emergency lighting needs. In addition, other keys are locked.

Full lock mode has a higher security level, pressing any button can not turn on the flashlight, effectively prevent accidental touch, do not worry about accidental start when putting into the backpack.

It is also very simple to unlock the full lock mode. Press the power button quickly and then press the power button for a long time, and observe the progress of the key on the display screen.
TINI2 Key Chain Flashlight
In daily use, TINI2 has a certain waterproof ability, with a protection grade of IP54, which can prevent the invasion of splashing rainwater from all directions, and a little rain will not be a problem.

NITECORE this small flashlight uses the highly effective constant current circuit, each gear does not have the stroboscopic phenomenon, the beautiful parallel dual-core big eye is very outstanding.

This TIR lens, which has been finely calculated and adjusted, does not have an obvious double-row spot shadow at close range, but a nearly circular visual effect. The parallel key ring flashlight is the same as the spot from the circular lens. The central brightness of the main spot is high, and the brightness of the secondary spot is also relatively uniform.
TINI2 Key Chain Flashlight
The visual effect of 15 lumens in the park can meet the emergency light of flat roads. How bright is 15 lumens? Find three love crazy phones and turn on the flash at the same time, which is almost the same effect. In the past, when one mobile phone was bright enough, it was enough to give you three mobile phones.

Under 65 lumens, the small ramp in the park is not a problem, the soft spot can illuminate the range of two meters ahead, and there is no pressure to walk normally.

The highlight is 200 lumens, which is more than enough for daily emergency lighting. The range of more than ten meters has been covered by light spots. The surrounding environment has a very good understanding. The uniform and soft light spots bring people a very comfortable feeling. Take 200 lumens as an example, it can basically maintain 45 minutes of endurance, and the performance is good.
TINI2 Key Chain Flashlight
Extremely bright 500 lumens, 100 mobile phones at the same time turn on the effect of mobile phone flash, the front is bright. It's hard to imagine that such a small size can burst out with such a strong brightness.

As a portable EDC small flashlight, with a small pendant to carry, at any time to summon the God of light is the most important. 17.3g weight, almost three 1 yuan coins, nearly zero burden of TINI2 flashlight, intuitive and clear high-definition display screen, at any time to observe the remaining battery life, so that the control is full of technology.
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