The bringer of light!Brief Review Of Wuben A21 High Lumen Led Flashlight

The bringer of light!Brief Review Of Wuben A21 High Lumen Led Flashlight

Apollo is the God of light in ancient Greek mythology, because it can bring light, it must be able to eliminate disasters and solve problems, so it is also the protector of human civilization, migration and navigation. Wuben A21 is also called Apollo, which is more appropriate, after all, the small and powerful A21 can bring light to all kinds of nighttime activities, so as to avoid some accidents.

The Wuben A21 is not as big as the regular big killer, but it is very powerful. 5 brightness levels with a maximum brightness of 4200 lumens. This is enough to drive the night away with its light. Its maximum endurance of 110 hours, range of 220 meters, and anti-drop and waterproof performance are enough to cope with all kinds of tests in the environment.
The packaging of the Wuben A21 is exquisite, combined with its outstanding performance features. As a delicate gift, it is a good choice. In terms of accessories, there are sleeve, hand rope, type-c fast charging line, spare O ring and battery rack for increasing battery specifications.

Type-c design highlights of Wuben A21
It features a slimmer design, faster transmission speeds (up to 10Gbps), and more robust power transmission (up to 100 W). The biggest feature of Type-C double-sided pluggable interface is that it supports double-sided insertion of USB interface, which formally solves the worldwide problem of "USB can never be inserted accurately". For A21, it has faster power supply speed and more convenient operation.

Wuben A21 Design with attention to detail
Look at the setting of the lead pin at the end of the hand rope, it is very user-friendly. It's not my habit to wear a hand rope when I play too many flashlights. The reason is not that I don't like to use the hand rope, but that the hand rope of many flashlights is too difficult to wear, and the meticulous work takes these details into account. Thumbs up.
 High Lumen Led Flashlight
The Wuben A21 flashlight has a length of 135.5 mm, a head diameter of 42 mm, a barrel diameter of 27 mm and a weight of 147 grams. The stainless steel tactical attack head brings the need for effective protection and emergency strikes. The lens coated on both sides brings more light transmission effect, which makes its illumination effect brighter to a certain extent. The protective performance of the lens is also increased. The orange peel reflective cup makes the light even and stable. Cree xhp70 second-generation led lamp beads are the guarantee of 4200 lumens.

In the stainless steel pressing ring, the bulge with W is the position of the key. Click to light up and enter the operation mode of gear selection. At this time, press it again to switch gears, and press it for a long time to turn off the lights. Double-click is the operation function of stepless dimming. Press and hold the button to do the operation of stepless dimming. After the brightness is selected, release the button. At this time, click to turn off the light. When the flashlight is on, double-click the button to start the flash mode. Double-click to switch between flash and SOS. If you click again, you will exit the cycle and enter the constant mode. Three consecutive keystrokes are the operation mode of locking, and unlocking is also three consecutive keystrokes. In addition, there is an indicator setting below the button.

The Wuben A21 flashlight cylinder is made of 6061 Hangtaiji aluminum alloy, which is a lightweight and durable material, and the anodic hardening treatment makes it extremely wear-resistant and fall-resistant. Look closely at the holding position of the tube body, there are many delicate anti-skid grooves, which feel comfortable. And the configuration of the newspaper folder is convenient for us to mount and carry directly.
 High Lumen Led Flashlight
As shown in the figure below, the flashlight barrel has laser marking patterns of the positive and negative poles of the battery, and the hand rope through hole of the tail cover has chamfered processing marks at the corners. This makes the hand rope more durable. The insulation pad is also a reflection of its pursuit of extreme details.

The Wuben A21 battery adopts the specification of the 21700, the Japanese import battery core, 4800mAh capacity, and its type-c interface is 5v2 a, so it is the guarantee of efficient and safe charging. The conductive end face design, gold-plated spring-supported contacts, and rectangular threads are also a reflection of its stability, low resistance, and high efficiency. The positive and negative poles are gold-plated contacts and have elastic support, which also increases the effect of drop protection. The smooth and bright inner wall of the battery compartment also shows that the brand has a very fine processing ability.

With the setting of type-c, when outdoors, the use of solar panels with higher power can make a very effective power supply. It is also suitable for outdoor use. The indicator light intuitively reflects the situation of power through the change of red and blue, so as to avoid overcharging or insufficient power. Of course, the setting of the built-in protective plate can also avoid the damage of overcharging.
 High Lumen Led Flashlight
As can be clearly seen from the beam in the picture above, the angle between the two bright areas in the center is larger, which can increase our line of sight at night. The light spot on the wall is very round, which can explain that it has a good centering of lamp beads. The complete light spot and no black spots are the embodiment of excellent reflection and light transmission of the light cup and lens.

The range of 222 meters can be seen in the extremely bright state. Even if the irradiation angle is raised, the far end of the corridor can have a good irradiation effect. Of course, its wide range of illumination can not be fully covered by photographs.

Because of its built-in intelligent hybrid circuit. The flashlight generates a lot of heat energy even when it is highlighted. Its built-in components can do effective temperature control management, so that it can provide high-performance work while protecting the life of the flashlight.
 High Lumen Led Flashlight
At 400 lumens, the house at the far end has an obvious lighting effect compared with the previous brightness gear. At this time, the brightness level should be able to meet all kinds of night activities.

1200 lumens is a very bright gear for many conventional flashlights. At this time, its lighting effect can almost cover up the distant interference of the street lamp.

With the increase of brightness, the objects at the near end become brighter, while the street lights at the far end seem to become dim. For example, the bright spot range of a street lamp under 4200 lumens becomes much smaller in vision.

At this time, facing the other end of the corridor, the effect is as follows, bright and almost dazzling. It is not necessary to use 4200 lumens for a conventional scene.

Of course, 4200 lumens is necessary for long-distance search or flash emergency.
 High Lumen Led Flashlight
1. One-key operation, simple and easy to understand, without any second reading to change the operation mode.
2. Two meters waterproof, IP68 level protection, can be fully competent for the role of outdoor lighting.
3, 21700 high quality 4800 mAh battery, endurance drive high lumen without pressure.
4. Compared with the first generation, the second generation of CREE XHP70 led lamp bead can effectively suppress the black heart and black cross after irradiation.
5. Type-c interface, which is also the first flashlight I came into contact with. The advantage of this charging port is that there is no need to look at the front and back, and it can be plugged in and charged.
6.The data of 4200 lumens is also the core and the most important point of this small flashlight.

The charging interface has always been the weakness of the waterproof function.
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