WUBEN A21 Handheld 4200 Lumen LED Flashlight

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The Wuben A21 is a powerful linear flashlight in the 21700 format capable of delivering to the Turbo a maximum output of 4200 lumens projected over a long range of 222 meters, a perfect projector for everyone and for everyday use. The Wube A21 is powered by a high consumption 21700 Li-ion battery with a capacity of 4800 mAh, offers up to 110 hours of battery life. It has different brightness levels divided as follows: there is the most powerful level which is the 4200 lumens Turbo, then a 1200 lumens High level with 5 hour runtime, 400 lumens Med level with 8.5 hours runtime, 130 lumens Low and runtime 20 hours, and finally the 5 lumens Eco level with the incredible 110 hour runtime. The Wuben A21 also features 400 lumens SOS and Strobe modes to cope with various 1200 lumens needs. With a length of a smartphone (5.33 x 1.65 inches) or 135.5mm x 42mm, the Wuben A21 is easy to carry without giving you excessive weight. Its weight is in fact 147 grams without battery and 218 grams with 21700 battery included.

Control everything with a single touch: The versatile electronic button on the side features a "W" designed and offers multiple functions including brightness level adjustment, interface lock / unlock, strobe mode, all easily accessible via shortcuts.

The Wuben A21 is also equipped with Type-C charging port, the 4800mAh mega rechargeable lithium-ion battery helps you to reduce the carbon footprint on earth.

The intelligent hybrid circuit ensures constant current and not only allows the A21 to transmit a stable and constant current, but also protects the flashlight from overheating. The Bezel is aircraft grade aluminum plus stainless steel. the lens is in ultra-clear, scratch-resistant glass while the reflector is in aluminum with Orange Peel treatment. The body of the Wuben A21 is made entirely of aluminum alloy with an anodized finish that allows for high resistance to bad weather, wear and scratches.

Waterproofing is guaranteed by the IP68 standard so the flashlight is resistant to water and dirt. It can also be submerged up to 3 meters deep even if it is not a diving flashlight. Impact resistance is given up to a height of 1.5 meters.

The body in the central part as well as on the tail cap has a series of horizontal and vertical grooves that help and improve grip when for example wearing gloves or when you have damp or wet hands. The head of the flashlight has deep and thick dissipation fins that help disperse the enormous heat produced by the LED, for example when using the flashlight on a very high level. The belt clip has a particular design that makes it particularly effective in securely locking the flashlight to clothing, pockets, clothes or any type of MOLLE system.


> Size: 135.5mmx42mm(LxD)
> Weight: 147g(Without Battery)
> Material: 6061 Aircraft grade Aluminium Alloy
> Output selection: Default outputs selection,Continuous outputs selection
> Output: 4200Lm
> Cell: 1*21700 Li-ion
> Capacity: 4800mAh
> Charging: Type-C fast charging 5V/2A

WUBEN A21 Handheld 4200 Lumen  Flashlight
WUBEN A21 Handheld 4200 Lumen  FlashlightWUBEN A21 Handheld 4200 Lumen  FlashlightWUBEN A21 Handheld 4200 Lumen  FlashlightWUBEN A21 Handheld 4200 Lumen  Flashlight