Enjoy All-new Experience Of Outdoor Lighting: Brief Review Of Klarus CL2 Camping Light

Enjoy All-new Experience Of Outdoor Lighting: Brief Review Of Klarus CL2 Camping Light

Klarus CL2 is a camp lamp with unique design sense and unique multi-scene adaptability. It is said that Klarus has widely solicited the needs of fans. CL2 integrates the needs of endurance, atmosphere building, lighting, mobile power supply, flashlight, carrying, fixing and other functions during camping.

Klarus CL2 Camping Light

Unique shape, flexible adjustment of lighting angle

As a main camp and other products, Klarus has made great efforts to CL2. The outer packaging is simple and refreshing, the functional features of CL2 are clear at a glance, and the strip-shaped carton can not only protect the product in place, but also avoid unnecessary packaging waste.

As an outdoor product, CL2 is equipped with a high-quality flannel bag, which can effectively protect the product by collecting and carrying. There is also an A-C charging cable as standard, indicating that this is A device that can be charged. The outer packing is compact, and all the articles inside are contained neatly without shaking, which ensures that the camp lamp has no collision and wear in storage and transportation.

Take out CL2 from the flannel bag, which is a square camp lamp, with lights on all sides, warm and soft. Cube shape, the size is about 56 × 56 × 220mm, the net weight is about 420 grams, whether it is used outdoors or carried on the way, it is relatively light and convenient.

The edges and corners of the lamp body are made of arc transition, the surface processing is fine without burrs, the seam between the lamp panel and the lamp body is very small, ABS + PC material ensures lightweight, durability, insulation, corrosion resistance, and bump resistance, which is an outdoor equipment that can withstand use.

Klarus CL2 Camping Light

The biggest feature of CL2 is four luminous panels that can be opened and closed in a wide range. They are connected with the four sides of the lamp body through the rotating shaft. The lamp panels are usually gathered together for easy storage. After opening, they can form four scattered luminous surfaces for independent lighting.

By adjusting different angles and directions, CL2 is a panoramic lighting lamp without dead angle. The lamp panel has four fixed folding angles of 0 °, 30 °, 60 ° and 90 °. The rotating shaft is relatively tight and can be fixed at any gear to form lighting at different angles and directions, which fully meets the actual use needs.

Each luminous panel is equivalent to a surface light source, with an area of about 95 × 40mm. There are eight rows and three columns of 24 LED lamp beads inside. The soft light cover on the surface has a good light transmission center, which can not only conduct the light efficiently, but also scatter the light emitted by each LED to form uniform illumination.

When put away, CL2 is a lamp stick, a uniform four-sided luminous body, the light can cover all around 360 degrees, and the surface of the lamp board is frosted texture, soft light effect is very good, direct vision will not feel dazzling.

Klarus CL2 Camping Light

Flexible lighting, full-featured illuminator

The lower part of the front of the lamp body is the CL2 switch. The surface is covered by a 16 × 13 silicone rubber cap. The stability of finger touch and pressing is very good. The internal electronic switch has tens of thousands of times of pressing life. The multi-function of CL2 is realized by this switch.

The camp light function of CL2 has four gears, namely warm light 30lm, warm light 150lm, warm light 750lm and cold light 750lm. Press the switch to start the machine, and continue to press the switch to switch between these four gears until the machine is turned off. The dimming logic is relatively simple.

The color temperature of the warm light is about 4000 K, the light color is mild and comfortable, the illuminated object does not look stiff, the sense of hierarchy of the far and near objects is strong, and the highlight 750lm can cover a range of about 10 meters.

CL2 can be supported on a tripod by opening four luminous panels and a standard threaded interface in the center of the base. With the unique soft effect of warm light and the characteristics of large area lighting, CL2 can be transformed into a professional fill light with complete performance.

Cool white light 750lm looks brighter, with a color temperature of about 6500 K, which can more clearly show the details of objects, see more clearly, and make people more focused and calm.

The CL2 is placed at home and laid flat on the desktop to become an angle-adjustable desk lamp, even if the power is cut off, it does not affect the normal study, work and life, it is really more convenient, and children do not worry about eye injury.

The flashlight function in front of the CL2 can be turned on by pressing and holding the switch for a long time, regardless of the power-on state or the power-off state. The CL2 becomes a hand-held lighting tool to help you see the road ahead in the dark.

The light source of the flashlight is located in the end face of the base. In the middle is a TIR lens light guide flashlight, which is also a positive white LED of about 6500 K. The lens has good light gathering performance, forming the spot lighting of the point light source.

Klarus, as a major manufacturer of flashlights, is very mature in the design of driving circuits. The camp lights and flashlights of CL2 are not PWM dimming, so there is no strobe that is not easy to detect by the naked eye, and the eyes will not feel tired after a long time of use, thus effectively protecting the eyesight.

With a flashlight, whether it's a power outage at home, a broken corridor light, or a mountain climbing outdoors, you can see the front clearly. In addition, after turning on the flashlight, pressing the switch can also turn on the SOS flash function of CL2 flashlight, which is also a necessary function of outdoor light source.

As a camp lamp used in a fixed location, CL2 also has a red flashing function, which can be turned on by clicking the switch in the flashlight function. It has very good identification and high distinguishability in the dark, which can meet the emergency situation of self-driving and traveling, and improve the safety at night.

Convenient fast charging, reliable tool for outdoor use

As an independent light source, CL2 has a 10400 mAh rechargeable lithium battery, which can support 60 hours of low-light use and nearly 5 hours of high-light use. Press the switch to see a clear pure white power indicator, the surface of the charging compartment is covered with a rubber cover, the internal light can be seen through, and the indication is clear.

When the rubber plug is opened, the TYPE-C and USB interfaces in the charging compartment can be exposed. Even when the light is on, the CL2 can be replenished with electricity. When it is charged outdoors with a solar panel, it can reach a fast charging power of about 10 W of 5V2A.

Outdoor situation is most afraid of mobile phone power, do not worry, CL2 is not only a camp lamp but also a large-capacity power bank, which can supply power to electronic devices anytime and anywhere, even if the lamp is on, it can also discharge to the outside, a dual-purpose, reduce the burden of your bags, and ensure your outdoor photoelectric needs.

Because the batteries are located in the base, the center of gravity of CL2 is lower, so it can be placed smoothly on the uneven natural terrain in the camping site, and it will not fall down even if the wind blows, which brings you enough strong light.

As the saying goes, high lights and low lights, outdoor camping can be seen everywhere for hanging branches, the rear of the CL2 tripod interface is a silicone handle, which can be easily hung in any suitable position, bringing warm and comfortable camp light.

Silicone handles are soft, comfortable and skid-proof. When you walk outdoors at night, you can carry CL2 with your fingers, just like the ancients carrying lanterns. Of course, the brightness of the lanterns is much higher than that of the lanterns. It protects you to walk safely on rough roads.

What if there is a sudden rain and snow in the camp? CL2 has the waterproof ability of IPX5, and the seams are also waterproof. The direct spraying of rainwater will not penetrate into the interior of the lamp body, so it can be used safely in daily life.

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