Klarus CL2 Freefolding LED Lantern

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The Klarus CL2 is a multifunctional lantern with many interesting features. It is composed of four movable parts that can be directed in any direction, with an angle of 90 °. They allow you to illuminate at 360 ° as if this light were a small chandelier. There are four selectable levels, in fact we have a low level of 30 lumens in warm light, a medium level of 150 lumens in warm light, a high level of 750 lumens in warm light and a high level of 750 lumens in cold light. In fact, we have the possibility of lighting with two different colors and with warm light or cold light. The management of the interface is done through a single switch on the side of the flashlight body. With a simple click it is possible to change the levels according to the order low hot, medium hot, high hot and high cold. Inside there is a 10400 mAh battery that allows for high runtimes. The charging interface is Type-C and ensures fast charging of the internal battery. This flashlight also works as a Power Bank, in fact, it is equipped with a USB-A port that allows you to charge any electronic device, such as a smartphone or tablet. In the lower part of the flashlight there is also an additional light that allows you to have a directive beam and allows you to use the flashlight in your hand. This light also has the ability to light up with a red light with a wavelength of 620-760 nm. This red light can be seen from a distance of hundreds of meters and this can be used to increase safety at night and be seen in the dark, for example in emergency situations. In addition to the flashlight, the package also includes a Type-C charging cable, the user manual, an adapter for iOS devices and a carrying bag. Output levels are divided as follows: High cold light of 750 lumens and 4h and 45 min of runtime, High warm light of 750 lumens and 04h 45min of runtime, Medium warm light of 150 lumens and 12 hours of runtime low warm light with 30 lumens and 60 hours of runtime, 100 lumens light light with 18 hours of runtime 1712 candles and 83m distance, 100 lumens SOS. and flashing red light. Water resistance is given according to the IPX5 standard, while resistance to falls is given up to 1 m in height. Cold light has an e color temperature of 6000K, while warm light has a color temperature of 3000K. The body is made of ABS + PC material. The weight is 420 grams, including battery. The intelligent temperature control keeps the flashlight between 40 and 50 ° C. The battery capacity indicator gives information on the cell capacity. When the cell has the capacity greater than 99% then four LED indicators will remain on .. If the capacity is between 76% and 99%, the indicator lights will be four and the fourth will flash slowly. If the cell capacity is between 51% and 75%, there will be three light indicators on and the third indicator will flash slowly. If the capacity of the cell is between 26% and 50%, there will be two LED indicators lit and the second will flash, if the capacity of the cell is less than 25%, there will be only one LED indicator flashing.