Acebeam Defender P16 Tactical Light

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Acebeam DEFENDER P16 is a tactical flashlight with double switch capable of delivering 1800 lumens to the Turbo.

The Defender P16 uses a performing SFT40 LED that produces a beam with a maximum range of 484 meters at the Turbo with a maximum light intensity of 58,564 candles.

The optical lens is a TIR that guarantees 99% light transmission and provides a clean and homogeneous beam without any artifact. The lens is made of ultra clear glass with anti-reflective and scratch-resistant coating.

In the queue the Defender P16 has two switches that allow intuitive and simple management of all the available functions. The double switch use is particularly suitable for tactical applications where it is necessary to access, for example, the Strobo and Turbo functions quickly and precisely.

The tactical Switch allows you to turn the flashlight on or off (with a complete click) and to use the Momentary on (in this case the light turns on and stays on as long as the switch is pressed up to half of its stroke. the variation of levels and access to different functions based on the mode of use selected. The Defender P16 can be configured with two different modes of use: Tactical Mode for using the flashlight in tactical applications and Daily mode for use of the flashlight as normal EDC.

The possible output levels are: Low of 55 lumens, Med of 260 lumens, High of 900 lumens and Turbo of 1800 lumens. A special stroboscopic function is also available with an output of 1800 lumens.

The Bezel of the Acebeam Defender P16 is made of stainless steel and can be used in emergency situations as a glass breaker.

Supplied with the Acebeam P16 also comes a stainless steel belt clip that allows you to attach the flashlight, big bags, belts and any MOLLE attachment. The clip has a two-way design so the flashlight can be installed either with the head up or down.

The constant current circuit of which the Acebeam Defender P16 is dated guarantees a stable output up to 22 consecutive hours.

The flashlight can be powered by a single 18650 cell. The package includes a 18650 battery branded Acebeam model ARC18650H-310A lithium-ion. It is customized by Acebeam by adding a type C charging port: in this way it will not be necessary to carry a dedicated charger to charge the batteries but just use any standard type-c cable.

Alternatively, two CR123 / RCR 123 cells can also be used instead of the 18650 battery.

Inside the CAebeam Defender P16 there is a protection module against overheating which prevents the internal parts, the LED or the battery from being damaged by heat. In addition, there is a low voltage notice that reminds the user when the battery will need to be replaced

The dimensions of the Acebeam Defender P16 are 5.17 '' x 1.26 '' x 0.91 '' / 131.2 x 32 x 23.2 mm while the weight is 108.7 g (3.83 oz) (excluding battery) or 156.2 g (5.51 oz) (including battery).

Powered by 1 x 18650 Battery (Acebeam ARC18650H-310A):
Low: 50lumens; 22hours; 105meters; 2756CD
Med: 260~50lumens; 5hours~8min; 184meters; 8464CD
High: 900~700~260~50lumens; 3min~1hour+45min~4min~8min; 321meters; 25,760CD
Turbo: 1800~700~260~50lumens; 50sec~1hour+23min~4min~8min; 484meters; 58,564CD
Strobe: 1800~700lumens; 3hour+40min; 484meters; 58,564CD

Max. output 1800 lumens 
Max. beam distance: 484meters/1587.9feet/529yards
Max. runtime: 22 Hours 
Peak beam intensity: 58,564cd