Acebeam Defender P18 5000 Lumen Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight

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The Acebeam P18 is a tactical flashlight born exclusively to be used by law enforcement or to be used in tactical environments. It mounts 4 latest generation Luminus SFT-40 LEDs with a max output of 5000 lumens, with Max peak beam intensity of 98910cd and max throw of 629 meters. The highly efficient integrated circuit allows you to have an always stable current and therefore a constant output for the entire battery life. When using the torch on the lowest output level, it can remain on for 22 consecutive days with an always stable output until the cell capacity is exhausted. The Acebeam P18 is equipped with a type-c charging port that allows you to power and recharge the cell inside the flashlight without having to take it out. Included in the package is a 5100mAh model IMR21700NP-510A Li-ion 21700 cell. On the flashlight there is an LED status indicator that lights up to return information on the state of charge of the battery and information during recharging. The bezel to protect the lens is made of stainless steel and can be used effectively as a glass breaker in emergency situations. The lens is made of ultra-clear mineral glass, very thick and with an anti-reflection treatment. The body of the Acebeam P18 is entirely made of A6061-T6 aluminum with a type III hard anodized finish, resistant to wear and bad weather. The water resistance is given by the IP68 standard therefore 2 meters submersible despite not being an underwater torch, while the resistance to falls is 1.5 meters high. The dimensions are 144.9 x 50.8 x 26 x 29 mm / 5.7'' x 2.0'' x 1.02 x 1.14'' while the weight is 255.8 g / 9.02 oz (including battery); 185 g / 6.5 oz (excluding battery). There are three modes of use: the daily mode suitable for everyday use and two tactical modes: tactical mode1 and tactical mode 2. The levels are divided as follows: for the daily mode we have Ultra-Low from 1 lumen runtime 22 days; Low from 100 lumens with runtime 1.5days, maximum distance 107m, light intensity 2862 cd; Med from 580~100 lumens, 5h 30 min+20 min, 214m, 11449 cd; High from 2200~1300~580~100 lumens with runtime 9 min + 2h + 10 min + 20 min, maximum distance 402 m and maximum light intensity 40401 cd; Turbo from 5000~1300~58~100 lumens with runtime 60s+2h+ 5min+10min+20min maximum distance 629m light intensity 98910 cd; SOS from 5000~1300 lumens, runtime 4h 50min. for Tactical Mode 1 instead: Ultra-Low 1 lumen with 22 days runtime; Low of 100 lumens with runtime 1.5days maximum distance 107m and light intensity 2862 cd; Med from 580~100 lumens with runtime 5h 30 min+20 min maximum distance 214 meters and light intensity 11449 cd; High from 2200~1300~580~100 lumens with runtime of 9min+2h+10min+20min maximum distance 402 and light intensity 40401 cd; Turbo from 5000~1300~580~100 lumens duration 60sec+2h 5min+10 min+20 min maximum distance 629m and maximum light intensity 98910 cd; SOS from 5000~1300 lumens; 4 hours 50 minutes. for Tactical Mode 2 instead: Ultra-Low 1 lumen, 22 days; Low: 100 lumens, runtime 1.5days; High: 2000~1500~580~100 lumens, runtime 10min+1h 20min+9min+15min, distance 390m, luminous intensity 38025cd;