Acebeam E70 MINI Nichia 519A Flashlight

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The Acebeam E70 Mini Nichia 519A is a small EDC flashlight equipped with LEDs with a high chromatic yield index capable of delivering a Turbo of 2000 lumens with 153 meters of maximum shooting and a luminous intensity of 5,875 cd.

What you immediately notice when looking at the Acebeam E70 Mini Nichia 519A is the particular and unique workmanship of the body with a series of captivating and elegant spirals, with a blue internal part of the body and a beautiful anodized finish of the entire external body.

There are small dissipation fins on the head of the flashlight that help disperse heat when using the flashlight at high levels. Just below the head and on the head itself there are small millings to accommodate 6 tritium tubes of 1.5mm x 6mm

The Acebeam E70 Mini Nichia 519A is a 18650 size flashlight, compact and convenient to carry.

The bezel protecting the lens is toothed and is made of steel.

The head of the Acebeam E70 Mini Nichia 519A unscrews from the rest of the body to allow access to the battery compartment. The threads are anodized, smooth and well lubricated. Physical lockout of the interface is allowed by slightly unscrewing the head from the rest of the body: this will prevent any type of accidental ignition.

The clip is particularly rigid and allows you to attach the flashlight to backpacks, pockets and MOLLE attachments.

The Acebeam E70 Mini Nichia 519A is powered by a single 18650 lithium-ion cell supplied: Its capacity is 3100mAh and allows you to keep the flashlight on on the lowest level for over 56 hours. In addition, the battery is customized by Acebeam with the addition of a Type-C charging port: this allows you to charge the battery without having to carry around a dedicated charger. It will be enough to use a classic standard Type-C cable.

A small Type-C charging cable is included in the package. During the charging phase, the cell will show a small red status LED on the positive pole which will turn green when the charge is completed. A full charge takes approximately 2 and a half hours.

The user interface is very simple: the tail switch is used to manage the Acebeam E70 Mini Nichia 519A. It is electronic, metallic, easily operated and slightly recessed inside the tail: the double-click design avoids any type of accidental ignition: in fact, to access the normal modes, the user will have to click the switch twice consecutively.

There is direct access to the Strobo with triple click from both the flashlight on and off, direct access to the Turbo with double click from the flashlight on, direct access to Ultra-Low mode by keeping the switch pressed when the light is off, electronic lockout mode by holding los witch pressed for 5 seconds when the light is off.

The dimensions are 4.37 "/ 111 mm length x 1.02" / 26 mm head diameter x 0.92 "/ 23.4 mm body diameter while the weight is 72 g (2.53 oz. ) without battery, 120 g (4.23 oz) with battery


LED : 3 x High CRI Nichia 519A LED with a lifespan of 50,000 hours
Ultra-Low: 12 lumens; 100 hours; 20 meters; 104 cd
Low: 60 lumens; 19 hours; 39 meters; 375 cd
Mid1: 170 lumens; 7 hours; 52 meters; 675 cd
Mid2: 380 lumens; 3 hour 15min;71 meters; 1,275 cd
High: 900 lumens~600lumens; 2min + 1 hour 55min; 102 meters; 2,625 cd
Turbo: 2000 lumens~600 lumens; 40s + 2 hours; 153 meters; 5,875 cd
Strobe: 1000 lumens; 2 hours; 112 meters; 3,150 cd
Max. output 2,000 lumens 
Max. beam distance: 153meters (787feet)
Max. runtime: 56 hours
Peak beam intensity: 5,875 cd