Acebeam E70 MINI TI High-CRI EDC Flashlight

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The Acebeam E70 MINI TI High-CRI is the titanium version of the E70 Mini made of aluminum. It is built with a body entirely in luxurious titanium and is perfected with a sandblasted finish that makes it elegant to the eye and particularly pleasant to the touch. In addition to this, the unique blue spiral knurling makes it even more elegant and captivating.

The Acebeam E70 MINI TI High-CRI is equipped with the latest popular 519A LEDs and a unique Acebeam customized TIR total reflection lens that offers natural light with a high color rendering index with a well balanced beam that does not strain the eyes during l use. The beam therefore results with a wide and round spot and a usable spill.

The maximum output of the Acebeam E70 MINI TI High-CRI is 1500 lumens and the maximum achievable distance is 140 meters: ideal as an EDC and for everyday use.

The tint with a high chromatic yield index is natural with a color temperature of 5000K just like daylight.

The lowest level is only 12 lumens, ideal for illuminating well in the short distance, or for example for reading or illuminating the street while walking.

The Acebeam E70 MINI TI High-CRI comes with a 3100mAh Li-ion rechargeable 18650 battery. It has a Type-C charging interface for simple, quick and safe charging: it is not necessary to have a dedicated charger with you to charge this cell because any standard Type-C cable can be used.

The maximum runtime of the Acebeam E70 MINI TI High-CRI using the cell supplied and turning on the flashlight on the Ultra Low level is 100 hours.

The LEDs mounted on the Acebeam E70 MINI TI High-CRI are 3 and the constant current circuit manages to power them with an efficiency of 98%.

The user interface provides 6 different normal brightness levels and a special Strobo level useful for various and different scenarios.

The switch is made of metal, made of stainless steel, is slightly protruding and thanks to the double click design it allows to avoid accidental switching on of the flashlight. It allows use with one hand and allows switching between the various output levels: Ultra-Low, Low, Mid1, Mid2, Mid3, Alto and Turbo.

The belt clip can be removed. It is made of stainless steel and allows you to easily attach the flashlight to your belt, pocket backpack and any MOLLE system.

The Acebeam E70 Mini is similar to its sister Acebeam E70 but is slightly shorter and with a narrower diameter. The dimensions of the E70 Mini are in fact 4.37 inches / 111 mm (length) x 1.02 inches / 26 mm (head diameter) x 0.92 inches / 23.4 mm (body diameter) while the weight is 144, 6 g (5.1 oz) with battery

The Acebeam E70 MINI TI High-CRI has an unmistakable and captivating design, and is also customizable with tritium tubes thanks to the slits present all over the body. It is water resistant according to the IP68 standard and resistant to falls up to 1.5 meters in height.

Size: 4.37”/111mm (Length) x 1.02”/26mm (Head Dia.) x 0.92”/23.4mm (Body Dia.)
Weight: 93.2g (3.3oz) without battery, 144.8g(5.1oz) with battery


1. Ensure battery is inserted with the positive (+) end pointing to the head of the flashlight (LED side).
2. It is normal for the flashlight not being able to reach 1,500 lumens when the battery voltage is too low.