Acebeam H16 Multifunction Running Headlamp

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LED Option

The Acebeam H116 is a small multifunctional flashlight with an angular design to be used as a normal EDC flashlight or as a small headlamp. This light can be combined with a 6500K cold white light source with a maximum power of 1000 lumens or alternatively with a 5000 K high color rendering CRI 90 LED with neutral white. This flashlight can be powered by a single 14500 rechargeable lithium battery or alternatively with an AA-type primary cell. Its product from this flashlight is particularly wide and is especially indicated for outdoor activities. Its exit angle is 100° which allows you to cover a large area and illuminate the walking surface well when walking through the woods at night. The user interface provides 5 lumens, High 230 lumens and Turbo 650 lumens. There is also a special 30 lumens strobe flash level. The high color rendering LED beam allows you to see colors much better than with cold light. With a high color rendering LED, the colors are seen exactly as they are in reality when they are illuminated by sunlight. The design of this flashlight is angular and allows you to use the flashlight as both a regular headlamp and an EDC flashlight for everyday use. Together with the torch comes a soft and comfortable elastic band and an ergonomic support that allows you to quickly attach and detach the torch. There is also a two-way belt clip that allows you to attach the light to any type of clothing. This flashlight is very light and weighs only 53 grams while its length is 81.6 mm, the diameter of the head is 19 mm while the diameter of the body is 17 mm. Also included in the package is a 920 MAH 14,500 type battery which allows you to maintain access to the light for a long time. The maximum RPM of this torch is 58 hours when operated on the lowest output level. The supplied battery has a type-c charging interface itself, therefore it is not necessary to have a dedicated charger but just use any standard cable, for example the cable that is used to recharge smartphones. Above the battery there is also a small Status LED which lights up red during the charging phase and lights up green when the charge is complete. The tail of the flashlight is magnetic therefore allows you to attach the light to any metal surface and allows you to use this flashlight even without your hands. Water resistance is given according to the IP68 standard, therefore the flashlight is submersible up to 2m in depth without being damaged, while impact resistance is guaranteed up to 1.5m in height. The elastic band also has reflective lettering that allows you to reflect the light when you are illuminated, for example by oncoming cars: this guarantees high visibility and increases safety when walking in dark streets. The maximum output of this light is 650 lumens the maximum reachable distance is 86m while the maximum brightness is 1849 candelas when the flashlight is used on the highest output level. Durable tempered glass lens with AR film coating for strength scratch resistant, light transmission up to 99.6%. The body is in impact and scratch resistant HAIII anodized aluminum.

H16 Black: 1 x 519A Neutral White, Color Temperature 5000K, High CRI90 Max Output 650 Lumens, 100° Wide Range Flood Beam;
H16 Gray: 1 x Cool White Color Temperature 6500K, Max Output 1000 Lumens, 110° Wide Range Flood Beam
H16 Orange: 1 x 519A-V1 LED, Neutral White, CCT-5000K, High CRI90 Max Output 650 Lumens, 100° Wide Range Flood Beam

Special design for running, camping and harsh outdoor environments 

Size: 81.6 × 19 ×17 mm
Weight: 53.5 g / 1.9 oz(Including battery)
Weight: 71 g / 2.5 oz (Including battery and Headband with holder)

1 x ACEBEAM H16 headlamp
1 x ACEBEAM 14500 USB-C rechargeable battery
1 x Type-C charging cable
1 x Headband with silicone holder
1 x Pockelit clip
2 x O-rings
1 x User manual