ARCHON D39V 10000lumen diving light flashlight

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Product description:

ARCHON D39V Multifunction Diving Video & Spot Light is a versatile underwater photography fill light.
It is lightweight and easy to carry,

Equipped with professional photography Warm white, white, red, blue, and purple UV LED, Can more accurately reflect the original color of underwater objects,

Make the diver take the photography effect he wants.
The lamp greatly improves the professionalism and diversity of the lamp,
Make it the ideal equipment for technical diving and recreational diving.

Product parameters:

◆Model: D39V Multifunction Underwater Photographing Light
◆Bulb: 10* CREE Warm White Fill Light LED (Color temperature: 4800-5200K)
4* CREE N3 Red Light LED (Wavelength: 620 nm)
2* CREE Blue Light LED (Wavelength: 455 nm)
2* CREE Purple Light LED (Wavelength: 395nm)
2* CREE White Spotlight LED (Color temperature: 6500K)
◆Maximum brightness: Warm White (max 10000 lumens)
Red Light (max 10W)
Blue Light (max 5.5W)
Purple Light (max 5.5W)
White Spotlight (max 1900 lumens)
◆Runtime: Warm White Fill Light: high 140 min, mid 160 min, low 350 min
White Spotlight: 420 min
Red Light: 440 min
Blue Light : 1350min
Purple Light : 1350min
◆Angle of light beam: 110 ° Photographing fill light + 10 ° center angle fill light
◆Operation voltage: 4.2V to 2.8V
◆Lamp body size: 70.0mm (dia. of lamp head) * 64.8mm (dia. of lamp body) * 140.3mm (length)
◆Lens specifications: 6 mm (tempered glass)
◆Battery type: 18650 lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack
◆Weight in air: ca. 524. (w/o battery); 857g. (w/ battery)
◆Underwater weight: ca. 425g. (w/ battery)
◆Waterproof: 100 M underwater
◆Body material: durable aircraft-grade aluminum
◆Surface treatment: premium type III hard-anodizing
◆Colour: Black
◆W/ battery over-discharging protection, polarity reversing protection

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