Armytek Crystal (Grey Onyx)

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Compact, lightweight and incredibly bright for the given size multi flashlight in a stylish design. Crystal with four light colors is an update to the basic model of the series, which received additional features, an extended set configuration and a USB-C charging connector.
Body material and special arrangement of LEDs provide wide beam angle of 140°, optimal for use at a close distance. The flood beam makes Crystal an excellent main or additional light source for jogging, camping or day-to-day tasks.

The additional red and green light options of the model are used for maintaining night vision during outdoor recreation or when performing special tasks, and blue light is optimal as night lighting. Moreover, among the operating modes of each light color there is a Beacon mode for giving signals and for use as a light marker.

The flashlight works for up to 50 days on one battery charge in the minimum brightness mode. Built-in Li-Pol battery is charged using any USB-C cable. The model has several installation options: it is securely fixed on the head with an elastic band, attached to any item of clothing, belt or backpack strap with a clip or a special velcro mounting tape, mounted on sporting gear using silicone rings. Body design with several holes for a keyring allows using the multi flashlight as a stylish accessory. In addition to that, the set includes a convenient lanyard for wearing on a wrist or around the neck.

Color temperature: White
Light output (blue light), lumens: 25 lm
Light output, lumens: 200 lm
Beam distance (blue light), meters: 3 m
Light output (green light), lumens: 70 lm
Light output (red light), lumens: 30lm
Beam distance, meters: 14 m
Beam distance (red light), meters: 6m
Beam distance (green light), meters: 9 m
Brightness stabilization type  : Digital (CPU brightness control)
Hotspot:Spill: 70°:140°
Runtime in maximum mode (blue light): 3 h
Number of modes: 5 white light + 4 red light + 4 green light + 4 blue light
Runtime in maximum mode: 1 h 25 min
Runtime in maximum mode (green light): 2 h 8 min
Runtime in maximum mode (red light): 2 h 30 min
Runtime in minimum mode: 50 d
Runtime in minimum mode (green light): 35 h
Runtime in minimum mode (blue light): 35 h
Runtime in minimum mode (red light): 36 h
Strobe Mode: 
Length: 63 mm
Width: 43 mm
Weight (with battery): 34 g
Height (without clip): 15 mm
Body Material  : Plastic
Waterproof and dustproof standard  : IP67
Safe submersion depth: 1 m
Safe fallings height: 10 m
Operating temperatures: -10..+40 °C

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