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The long-awaited update of the Elf series multi flashlights. The popular models with simple operation have changed the Micro USB charging connector to USB-C. Thanks to the new connector and improved charging algorithm, the flashlights charge twice as fast, only slightly inferior in speed to the Wizard models. At the same time, there is no need in carrying around a special charger: a standard USB-C cable from any manufacturer will do. Elf flashlights are great for an evening walk, fishing trip or even a multi-day hike. If necessary, both models can be charged from Powerbank or used in lamp mode without a battery

Elf C1 is a compact and lightweight multi flashlight with basic set of modes and type C USB charger.

Optimal weight, impressive brightness and simple operation. The flashlight allows a more comfortable outdoor recreation for runners, mountaineers, cave explorers and fishers.

Impressive 1000 lumens in a body weighing only 56 grams. Elf C1 is a great main or additional light source for any daily activity. You can take the flashlight with you for an evening walk, when hunting, fishing or hiking. It doesn’t occupy much space, easily fits in a bag, and won’t require recharging throughout 2 months of minimum brightness. The flashlight also works in lamp mode — from a USB power source, no battery inside. Micro USB socket eliminates the need to carry the charger around: any Micro USB cable is suitable for charging. Powerful built-in magnet, removable clip and headmount provide multiple attachment options and additional hole in the tailcap makes Elf C1 a full-fledged 5 in 1 multi flashlight.

The flashlight's body is compatible with bicycle mount ABM-01 and universal hard hat mount AHM-02.



  • Simple one-hand operation, reliable headmount
  • Solid body without long wires, weak rubber connectors and unnecessary boxes
  • The flashlight is easily installed, removed and 180° rotatable in the mount


  • Compact design
  • Convenient side button
  • Special matt anti-abrasive finish without rough knurling
  • Strong built-in magnet and removable robust steel clip


  • Body made from durable and lightweight aircraft-grade aluminium
  • Improved shock resistance, new springs for more efficient flashlight performance and better battery and driver protection
  • Constant light without flickering
  • Optional quick-release mount


  • Compact and lightweight for even more comfortable carry in a pocket
  • Hole for keyring or lanyard in the tailcap


  • Works without batteries directly from a Powerbank or any USB adapter

Color temperature: White/Warm
Optics  : TIR
Light output, lumens: 1000 lm/ 930lm
Beam distance, meters: 103 m/ 102m
Brightness stabilization type  : Digital (CPU brightness control)
Hotspot: Spill: 70°:120°
Number of modes: 6
Runtime in maximum mode: 52 min (530 lm after 4 min)/ 52 min (493 lm after 4 min)
Runtime in minimum mode: 60 d
Strobe Mode: 
Dimensions & Weight
Head diameter: 33 mm
Body diameter: 20.4 mm
Length: 75.9 mm
Weight (without battery): 56 g
Battery: 18350
Material  : Aircraft-grade aluminium
Anti-abrasive finish: Premium type III hard anodizing 400HV
Waterproof and dustproof standard  : IP68
Safe submersion depth: 10 m
Safe fallings height: 10 m
Operating temperatures: -25..+40 °C

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