Armytek Wizard C2 WUV Magent USB Headlamp

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The Armytek Wizard C2 WUV Magnetic USB Headlamp is a versatile multi flashlight designed for both everyday and specialized professional use. It offers a unique combination of ultraviolet (UV) and white light capabilities, making it invaluable for a wide range of applications.

With four powerful LEDs, this headlamp provides white light with a brightness of 1100 lumens, making it ideal for activities like jogging, cycling, and outdoor recreation, as well as tasks in garages and on construction sites. The additional UV light is perfect for industrial use, such as detecting leaks of industrial liquids or identifying biological fluids during forensic medical examinations. It can also be used for currency and passport authenticity checks.

The Wizard C2 WUV offers multiple fixation options, including a headmount for hands-free use, a steel clip for attaching it to clothing or gear, and a powerful magnet in the tailcap for mounting on metal surfaces. It's also compatible with additional mounts for bicycles and hard hats.

Building on the advantages of the Wizard series, this headlamp features a well-designed optical system with a wide beam and TIR-lens protected by tempered glass. It uses innovative technology that allows it to use any 18650 Li-Ion battery and provides protection against short circuits.

Active real-time temperature control prevents overheating, and the headlamp warns of low battery levels. With an IP68 standard rating, it's waterproof and dustproof, capable of submersion up to 10 meters, and can withstand falls from up to 10 meters. The robust magnetic connector simplifies the charging process, and the headlamp is backed by a no-hassle 10-year warranty.

The Wizard C2 WUV boasts impressive specifications, with 1100 lumens of white light and a wide beam pattern for balanced illumination. It offers multiple modes to suit different needs.

Despite its powerful performance, the headlamp is compact, lightweight, and constructed from durable aircraft-grade aluminum with anti-abrasive finishing. It operates in a wide temperature range and is built to withstand demanding conditions.

In summary, the Armytek Wizard C2 WUV Magnetic USB Headlamp is a versatile and high-performance lighting tool suitable for both professional and everyday use. Its unique combination of white and UV light capabilities, USB charging, and multiple mounting options make it suitable for a wide range of activities. Its compact and durable design, innovative features, and extended warranty make it an exceptional and versatile lighting solution.


  • Convenient wide beam of fully upgraded optical system, TIR-lense is protected from scratches by tempered glass with anti-reflective coating.
  • Innovative technology allows using any 18650 Li-Ion batteries and provides full protection against short circuit even in case of contact between magnetic connector and metal objects.
  • Active real-time temperature control to prevent overheating above +58 °C and warning indication of low battery level.
  • Total protection from water, dirt and dust in accordance with IP68 standard — flashlight continues to work even at 10 meters depth. Withstands fallings from up to 10 meters.
  • Robust and water resistant magnetic connector.
  • No hassle warranty 10 years