Olight Baldr S Rail Mounted Light 800 Lumens

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Olight Baldr S is a tactical flashlight created exclusively to be mounted on weapons. The optical part is composed of a white light LED capable of providing an output of 800 lumens on Turbo mode ( 33% more light than the previous model). In addition, there is a green laser pointer which, if necessary, helps in pointing.
In addition to the high level of 800 lumens for the white LED light, there is also an additional low level of 100 lumens. The two levels of 800 and 100 lumens have light intensities of 4400 cd and 540 cd respectively
Through the ambidextrous switch that is arranged on the back of the torch it is possible to switch between green laser light and LED light. It is possible to choose between LED mode only, laser only or even the combined use of LED + Laser.
The laser pointer can be easily adjusted thanks to the presence of two side screws.
The flashlight comes with GL and 1913 sled adapters. So the Olight Baldr S can be used for Glock and Picatinny rail guns.
The attack on the rail takes place very quickly thanks to the release with which the flashlight is equipped. Two fixing screws can be added to the slide rail holder. This way the laser pointer will always remain perfectly locked even after intense recoil.
The Baldr S battery is 3.7V lithium-ion battery and has a capacity of 380mAh. This allows the flashlight to have a maximum runtime of 140 minutes with the 100 lumen mode. The maximum distance that can be reached is about 130 meters.
The recharging of the integrated battery takes place via a magnetic USB cable supplied in the package.
The dimensions of the Olight Baldr S are particularly small: the length is 63 mm, the head diameter is 32.5 mm while the body diameter is 36 mm. The weight is 95 g including the battery.
Water resistance is guaranteed according to the IPX4 standard while resistance to falls is about 1 m.
Included in the package are: Baldr S flashlight with integrated battery, Picatinny rail mount adapter (MIL-STD-1913), two HM 2.5 * 4.5 hex socket screws, two M4 * 4 set screws, one Allen key, one oval point set screw, one conical point set screw, one MCC magnetic USB cable, multilingual user manual.

Body Material: Aluminum alloy
Beam Distance: 130 m
Max Performance: 800 lumens
Max Light Intensity: 4400 candela
Size: 2.48*1.28*1.42'' (63*32.5*36mm)
Use: Self-defense, Law Enforcement, Tactical