Cateye GVolt100 LED Rechargeable Front Light

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The Cateye GVolt100 Rechargeable Bike Headlight is a powerful and versatile lighting solution designed to meet the highest standards of cycling illumination. Whether you're commuting through the city streets or exploring off-road trails, this headlight offers exceptional brightness, advanced features, and flexibility in mounting options.

The GVolt100 is designed to provide an impressive 100Lux of brightness, meeting StVZO standards for reliable and safe road illumination. With this level of brightness, you can confidently navigate even the darkest environments.

This innovative headlight incorporates the CATEYE DUAL SYSTEM™, allowing it to be mounted both above and below the handlebar. By attaching the cartridge battery to the head unit upside down, you can choose the ideal mounting position for your cycling needs.

For riders with E-Bikes, the GVolt100 is adaptable with an optional E-Bike adapter. This feature enables the head unit to connect seamlessly to an E-Bike drive unit, enhancing your cycling experience.

The GVolt100 features micro USB rechargeability, providing a hassle-free charging experience. With a 1.5A charger, it takes approximately 3.5 hours to fully recharge the battery.

This headlight includes a 3-level battery indicator, keeping you informed about the remaining battery life. It also boasts a mode memory function, ensuring that it remembers your preferred lighting mode for convenience.

The GVolt100 offers three distinct lighting modes to suit different situations:

High: 100Lux, providing approximately 1.5 hours of runtime.

Middle: 60Lux, offering around 3 hours of continuous illumination.

Low (Eco): 10Lux, delivering an impressive 15 hours of runtime. This mode is perfect for extended rides.

With an IPX4 water-resistant rating, the GVolt100 is built to withstand various weather conditions. Rain or shine, you can rely on this headlight to perform reliably.

The included FlexTight™ H-34N bracket offers a tool-free and secure mounting solution for your headlight. This ensures easy attachment and detachment while maintaining stability during your rides.

In conclusion, the Cateye GVolt100 Rechargeable Bike Headlight is a high-performance lighting solution suitable for a wide range of cycling scenarios. Its impressive brightness, flexible mounting options, E-Bike compatibility, and convenient features such as mode memory and battery indicators make it a top choice for cyclists who prioritize safety and reliability. With water-resistant construction and a long-lasting Li-ion rechargeable battery, this headlight is a trusted companion for all your cycling adventures. Illuminate your rides with confidence—choose the GVolt100 for your cycling needs today.

    Dimension: 127 x 54.5 x 45.5 mm
    Weight: 181.5g (with battery)
    Run time: High - 100Lux : approx 1.5hrs
    Middle - 60Lux : approx 3hrs
    Low (Eco) - 10Lux : approx 15hrs
    * Average runtime at 20℃.
    Li-ion rechargeable battery (3.6V-3400mAh)
    Recharge time:
    approx 3.5 hrs (1.5A)
    Recharge/discharge number of times:
    about 300 times(until the rated capacity drops to 70%)
    Water resistant:IPX4
    Battery indicator, lighting mode memory function.