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The Convoy 3X21E 21700 flashlight is a robust, high-performance lighting tool designed for enthusiasts and professionals who require powerful illumination and reliable construction. With its advanced features, durable build, and impressive output, this flashlight stands out in the crowded market of high-performance flashlights. This review delves into the detailed specifications and features of the Convoy 3X21E, highlighting why it is an excellent choice for demanding users.

The Convoy 3X21E is built with a high-quality aluminum alloy body, providing a solid and durable structure that can withstand harsh conditions. The stainless steel bezel adds to its robustness, ensuring that the flashlight can endure impacts and rough handling without compromising its integrity. The head structure is integrated, which is the best design for conducting heat efficiently. However, it's important to note that while this design allows for fast heat transfer, it does not equate to fast heat dissipation, which depends on the surface area of the flashlight.

The flashlight features a 57mm diameter LED MCPCB (metal core printed circuit board) made of copper, with a DTP (Direct Thermal Path) thermally conductive structure. This construction ensures efficient heat management, crucial for maintaining the performance and longevity of the high-powered LEDs. The use of 3.0 W/(m·K) thermal grease below the MCPCB further enhances heat conduction.

The Convoy 3X21E utilizes three Nichia 519A R9080 LEDs, known for their high color rendering index (CRI) and efficiency. These LEDs are paired with a unique lens system comprising three 10-degree bead lenses and one AR-coated glass lens. This combination ensures a focused and intense beam, ideal for various lighting needs.

The flashlight is powered by three 21700 lithium batteries (not included), specifically INR or IMR types capable of bearing currents of 20A or more. This power setup allows the Convoy 3X21E to achieve a maximum output of 12,000 lumens, providing intense illumination for a range of applications. The illumination distance is estimated to be less than 100 meters, making it suitable for close to mid-range lighting tasks.

The electronic switch located on the side of the head is user-friendly, but it does draw a standby current. To avoid battery drain, it is recommended to loosen the tail of the flashlight if it won't be used for over a week. The tail features three nickel-plated phosphor copper springs, each capable of handling a 20A current, ensuring reliable power transmission.

The Convoy 3X21E is equipped with a 5V 3A Type-C charging port, allowing for convenient and fast recharging. The driver output is managed by a FET with a maximum current output of 54A, and the driver efficiency is over 85%, ensuring optimal performance and energy use.

The flashlight offers multiple operational modes and features to suit various needs:

Standard Operation: Clicking the button turns on the flashlight at the last used brightness level. Pressing the button allows for brightness ramping up; releasing and pressing again ramps the brightness down.

Moonlight Mode: With the flashlight off, a single press activates the moonlight mode, which is not remembered in the last brightness setting.

Turbo Mode: Double-clicking the button activates the turbo mode at 100% brightness.

Strobe Mode: Triple-clicking the button activates the strobe mode.

Tactical Mode: Four clicks from the off position activate the tactical mode at 100% brightness. Four more clicks exit this mode.

Voltage Detection: Five clicks from the off position activate voltage detection, indicated by flashes.

Mode Switching: Six clicks switch the flashlight from normal ramping mode to a 4-mode setting (1%-10%-40%-100%). Lock Mode: Ten clicks activate the lock mode, preventing accidental operation. Another ten clicks unlock the flashlight. The Convoy 3X21E includes low voltage protection and temperature control functions. As the temperature rises, the current will gradually decrease to prevent overheating. However, the surface of the flashlight can still reach 80-90 degrees Celsius, so caution is advised to avoid burns. The flashlight measures 124.5mm in length, with a head diameter of 65mm and a body diameter of 51.5mm. It weighs 410 grams without the handle and 453 grams including the handle, making it a substantial but manageable tool. The Convoy 3X21E 21700 flashlight is a powerful and versatile tool designed for users who demand high performance and reliability. With its robust construction, advanced LED configuration, and multiple operational modes, it is well-suited for a variety of applications, from professional use to outdoor activities. Its efficient power management, fast charging capabilities, and safety features make it a top choice for those seeking a dependable and high-performing flashlight.



Aluminium alloy body , Stainless steel bezel

Lens type:

3 pieces 10degree bead lens and 1 piece ar-coated glass lens

LED type

Nichia 519A R9080 LED


made of copper.
57mm diameter
DTP thermally conductive structure.
3.0 W/(m·K) thermal grease below the MCPCB.

Head structure:

integrated type (Best structure for conducting heat, but please note that fast heat transfer does not mean fast heat dissipation, which depends on the surface area of the flashlight.)


The electronic switch is located on the side of the head, pay attention to the flashlight using the electronic switch has standby current, if it is possible that you will not use the flashlight for more than a week, please loosen the tail of the flashlight to avoid the risk of battery damage.


3 pieces nickel-plated phosphor copper spring inside, each one can bear 20A current.

Electro&optical parameters

Driver output:

FET , Max current output 54A

Driver efficiency:



5V 3A Type-C port


See below for details


max 12000LM

Illumination distance:

< 100 meters (estimated by the naked eye,  data for reference)

? (ANSI standard)

Related features

Low voltage warning:


Reverse polarity protection:

No, Make sure that the positive poles of all batteries are facing the head of the flashlight.

Reverse charging function


Mode memory:


Temperature control function:

Yes , As the temperature rises, the current will drop slowly, but this does not mean that the surface of the flashlight will not heat up.When the flashlight works for a long time under the maximum brightness, the surface temperature will rise to 80-90 degrees Celsius, please be careful of burns.



About the battery

Battery included:


Required battery type:

INR or IMR 21700 lithium battery (can bear 20A or more)

Required battery quantity

3 pieces

Size & weight




head 65mm , body 51.5mm


flashlight 410g , handle 43g
gross weight 534g (include package)


1* handle

Drive mode operation specification: the button  ——>  flashlight is turned on with last brightness ——> press the button,brightness ramping up ——> release and press the button again,brightness ramping down

2.flashlight off, press the button  ——>  moonlight mode  [This brightness will not be remembered]

3.flashlight on or off, 2-click the button  ——>  turbo 100%

4.flashlight off,3-click the button   ——>  strobe

5.flashlight off,4-click the button   ——>  tactical mode, only 100% ,4-click the button again to quit tactical mode.

6.flashlight off,5-click the button   ——>  voltage detection  (* means "flash" ,  *** pause ******* means 3.7V, )

7.flashlight off,6-click the button   ——>  normal ramping mode switch to 4modes 1%-10%-40%-100%

8.flashlight off,10-click the button   ——>  Lock mode,The flashlight will flash once under any operation, which means the flashlight is locked.10-click the button again to quit lock mode,Please note that this is the only way to unlock.

 The flashlight has low voltage protection and temperature control protection.

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