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The Convoy M1 is a versatile flashlight designed for everyday use. It is made with a sturdy aluminum alloy that ensures strength and durability. The flashlight features a glass lens and a smooth reflector, which ensure a sharp and concentrated beam of light. One of the key features of the Convoy M1 is the low voltage warning, which warns the user when the battery is running low. This helps prevent rapid power depletion and ensures that the flashlight can be recharged or the battery can be replaced in a timely manner. Additionally, the flashlight features reverse polarity protection, which protects the circuitry from damage if the battery is inserted incorrectly. The Convoy M1 uses a green colored SFT40/KP CSLNM1.F1 LED, which offers intense brightness and high energy efficiency. Thanks to the presence of a mode memory, the flashlight is able to remember the last mode used, making it easier to use and allowing you to turn on the flashlight directly in the desired mode. The flashlight offers two different driver options: one version with 4 modes and another with 12 groups of modes. The 4-mode version is particularly suitable for ordinary users, offering simple and intuitive selection of lighting modes. Available modes include an ultra-low mode (0.1%), a low mode (3%), a medium mode (30%) and a high mode (100%). The driver is capable of delivering a maximum current of 4800mA, ensuring exceptional light performance. The 12 mode group version offers greater customization and choice. To access the different mode options, you have to click the power button several times quickly. Once in configuration mode, you can select the desired mode group by tapping the button. There are twelve groups of modes to choose from, each with a specific combination of brightness. For example, there are groups with ultra-low, low, medium and high lighting modes, as well as special modes such as strobe, battery check and SOS. This option offers a wide range of choices to adapt the flashlight to different situations and needs. The Convoy M1 requires a 18650 type lithium battery, which can be either protected or unprotected. The flashlight runs on a single battery, which can be easily inserted into the body of the flashlight. The compact size of the flashlight, with a diameter of 35.6 mm in the front, 24.9 mm in the body and 26.8 mm in the back, makes it comfortable to hold and carry. The overall length of the flashlight is 133.6mm and the weight is 110g. The Convoy M1 is equipped with a mode memory function, which allows you to turn on the flashlight directly in the previously used mode. This is especially useful when using the flashlight in situations where you need to switch between modes quickly. For example, if you use high mode often, you can turn on the flashlight directly in that mode without having to cycle through all the modes in between. The flashlight can be placed upright on its tail due to the presence of a flat area on the bottom, allowing it to be used as a table or camping lamp. This feature is particularly useful when you need a stable and directed light source. In conclusion, the Convoy M1 is a versatile and reliable flashlight that offers powerful and customizable lighting. With its heavy-duty construction, flexible mode options and memory function, it's an ideal companion for outdoor activities, emergencies or daily use.

Material: Aluminum Alloy
Low voltage warning: Yes
Reverse polarity protection: Yes
LED: SFT40/ KP CSLNM1.F1 green light
Lens type: Glass
Reflector: Smooth
Mode memory: Yes
Tailstand: Yes
Required battery type: 18650 lithium (protected or unprotected)
Required battery quantity: 1pcs
Diameter(Head/Body/Tail): 35.6 / 24.9 / 26.8 mm
Length: 133.6 mm
Weight: 110g

1.Driver instructions:(4 modes)

Now we offer another driver version, which has a simple 4 modes for switching, which is very suitable for ordinary users.
modes : 0.1%-3%-30%-100% max current output is 4800mA
Its biggest advantage is that no frequency can be seen in any mode, and there is temperature management.
It can control the flashlight temperature not to exceed 55 degrees Celsius,
If the flashlight temperature is below 55 degrees Celsius, it will output full current. If it is above 55 degrees Celsius, it will constantly adjust the current so that the flashlight will not overheat.

2.Driver instructions:(12 groups) the switch to turn the flashlight on/off,tap the switch to select mode
2.if flashlight is turned on,tap the switch 20 times quickly to enter into config mode.(On a visual interface,as long as you click on an option, it means that the option is selected. The flashlight has no visual interface. It flashes to represent an option, and "tap the switch in the flashing process" means to select the option.)
Option 1 (normal-flash 1 time + buzz-flash): tap the switch to enter into sub-option to select the mode group,If the user has no operation, the config mode will enter option 2.
-------------sub-option 1.1 (normal-flash 1 time) : tap the switch to select mode group 1 (0.1%, 1%, 10%, 35%, 100%, strobe, biking, battery-check)
-------------sub-option 1.2 (normal-flash 2 times) : tap the switch to select mode group 2 (0.1%, 1%, 10%, 35%, 100%)
-------------sub-option 1.3 (normal-flash 3 times) : tap the switch to select mode group 3 (100%, 35%, 10%, 1%, 0.1%)
-------------sub-option 1.4 (normal-flash 4 times) : tap the switch to select mode group 4 (1%, 20%, 100%, strobe, biking, battery-check, SOS)
-------------sub-option 1.5 (normal-flash 5 times) : tap the switch to select mode group 5 (1%, 20%, 100%)
-------------sub-option 1.6 (normal-flash 6 times) : tap the switch to select mode group 6 (100%, 20%, 1%)
-------------sub-option 1.7 (normal-flash 7 times) : tap the switch to select mode group 7 (0.1%, 1%, 10%, 50%, strobe, biking, battery-check, SOS)
-------------sub-option 1.8 (normal-flash 8 times) : tap the switch to select mode group 8(0.1%, 1%, 10%, 50%)
-------------sub-option 1.9 (normal-flash 9 times) : tap the switch to select mode group 9 (50%, 10%, 1%, 0.1%)
-------------sub-option 1.10 (normal-flash 10 times) : tap the switch to select mode group 10 (1%, 10%, 35%, 100%)
-------------sub-option 1.11 (normal-flash 11 times) : tap the switch to select mode group 11 (100%, 20%, strobe)
-------------sub-option 1.12 (normal-flash 12 times) : tap the switch to select mode group 12(100% only)
Option 2 (normal-flash 2 times + buzz-flash): tap the switch to active the mode memory or inactive it,If the user has no operation,flashlight will enter into the last mode.