Convoy M1 SFT40 / SST40 / XHP50.3 HI / XHP70.3 HI 18650 flashlight

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The Convoy M1 flashlight is a versatile and meticulously designed illumination tool crafted from durable aluminum alloy. This compact flashlight packs advanced features, making it an excellent choice for various applications, from outdoor adventures to everyday use. The use of high-quality materials ensures reliability and longevity, making the Convoy M1 a dependable companion. With a focus on user convenience and safety, the Convoy M1 incorporates reverse polarity protection, guarding against improper battery installation. The lens is made of AR-coated glass, providing clarity and durability. The reflector varies based on the LED type, featuring a smooth reflector for SST40 and SFT40 LEDs, and an orange peel reflector for XHP50.3 and XHP70.3 LEDs. These design choices contribute to the flashlight's ability to produce focused beams or a wider, more diffuse light pattern based on user preferences. The Convoy M1 comes with a choice of powerful LED options: SFT40, SST40, XHP50.3 HI, or XHP70.3 HI. Each LED type has its unique specifications, ensuring users can tailor their flashlight to meet specific needs, whether it's long-range visibility or a broader beam for close-range tasks.

Powered by a single 18650 lithium battery (included), the Convoy M1 boasts a lightweight and compact design. The flashlight's dimensions are carefully crafted for ease of use, featuring a head diameter of 35.6mm, a body diameter of 24.9mm, and a length of 133.6mm. The weight of 110g makes it easy to carry, offering a balance between portability and functionality. The Convoy M1 operates with a simple yet efficient interface, utilizing a single switch for both power and mode selection. The 12 available mode groups enhance flexibility and customization to suit diverse preferences and lighting needs.

Configuring the Convoy M1 is straightforward, achieved through a series of taps on the switch. The flashlight enters a configuration mode, where users can select from various sub-options. These include choosing mode groups, adjusting brightness levels, and activating special modes like strobe, biking, battery check, and SOS. The user-friendly interface ensures that even in the absence of a visual display, users can intuitively navigate through the available options. Additionally, the flashlight incorporates a memory function, allowing users to activate or deactivate mode memory based on their preference. This ensures that the Convoy M1 returns to the last-used mode or remains off, enhancing user convenience. A notable feature of the Convoy M1 is the battery-check function, providing users with a quick and easy way to assess the battery's charge level. The flashlight flashes a specific number of times to indicate the battery status, allowing users to replace or recharge the battery as needed. Tailstanding capability adds versatility to the Convoy M1, enabling hands-free use when required. The flashlight's resistance to water and its ability to withstand impacts up to 1.5 meters contribute to its overall durability, making it suitable for various environments and activities.

In conclusion, the Convoy M1 flashlight is a reliable and versatile tool, offering users a range of features and options to meet their specific lighting requirements. Whether used for outdoor exploration, emergency preparedness, or everyday tasks, the Convoy M1 stands out as a compact and powerful lighting solution. Its thoughtful design, advanced features, and ease of use make it an excellent choice for flashlight enthusiasts and those seeking a dependable illumination tool for various scenarios.

Material: Aluminum Alloy
Low voltage warning:  Yes
Reverse polarity protection:  Yes
Lens type:  ar-coated glass lens
Reflector: smooth reflector for SST40 / SFT40, orange peel reflector for XHP50.3 / XHP70.3
Driver:3V 5A buck for SST40, 3V 8A buck for SFT40, 6V 4A boost for XHP50.3, 6V 5A boost for XHP70.3
Mode memory: Yes
Tailstand:  Yes
Battery included:  included 1piece 18650 lithium battery
Diameter(Head/Body/Tail):  35.6 / 24.9 / 26.8 mm
Length:  133.6 mm
Weight: 110g

12 groups: the switch to turn the flashlight on/off,tap the switch to select mode

2.if flashlight is turned on,tap the switch 20 times quickly to enter into config mode.(On a visual interface,as long as you click on an option, it means that the option is selected. The flashlight has no visual interface. It flashes to represent an option, and "tap the switch in the flashing process" means to select the option.)

   Option 1 (normal-flash 1 time + buzz-flash): tap the switch to enter into sub-option to select the mode group,If the user has no operation, the config mode will enter option 2.

       -------------sub-option 1.1 (normal-flash 1 time) : tap the switch to select mode group 1 (0.1%, 1%, 10%, 35%, 100%, strobe, biking, battery-check)

       -------------sub-option 1.2 (normal-flash 2 times) : tap the switch to select mode group 2 (0.1%, 1%, 10%, 35%, 100%)

       -------------sub-option 1.3 (normal-flash 3 times) : tap the switch to select mode group 3 (100%, 35%, 10%, 1%, 0.1%)

       -------------sub-option 1.4 (normal-flash 4 times) : tap the switch to select mode group 4 (1%, 20%, 100%, strobe, biking, battery-check, SOS)

       -------------sub-option 1.5 (normal-flash 5 times) : tap the switch to select mode group 5 (1%, 20%, 100%)

       -------------sub-option 1.6 (normal-flash 6 times) : tap the switch to select mode group 6 (100%, 20%, 1%)

       -------------sub-option 1.7 (normal-flash 7 times) : tap the switch to select mode group 7 (0.1%, 1%, 10%, 50%, strobe, biking, battery-check, SOS)

       -------------sub-option 1.8 (normal-flash 8 times) : tap the switch to select mode group 8(0.1%, 1%, 10%, 50%)

       -------------sub-option 1.9 (normal-flash 9 times) : tap the switch to select mode group 9 (50%, 10%, 1%, 0.1%)

       -------------sub-option 1.10 (normal-flash 10 times) : tap the switch to select mode group 10 (1%, 10%, 35%, 100%)

       -------------sub-option 1.11 (normal-flash 11 times) : tap the switch to select mode group 11 (100%, 20%, strobe)

       -------------sub-option 1.12 (normal-flash 12 times) : tap the switch to select mode group 12(100% only)

   Option 2 (normal-flash 2 times + buzz-flash): tap the switch to active the mode memory or inactive it,If the user has no operation,flashlight will enter into the last mode. 

battery-check  instructions:

 <2.95V    1 flash,

2.95-3.25V  2 flashes,

3.25-3.55V  3 flashes,