Convoy M21F MAO 21700 Flashlight

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Construction Material: Aluminium alloy body, Micro-arc oxidized surface
Lens type: green-coated glass lens
Reflector: made of aluminium alloy, the reflective surface is vacuum-coated.
orange peel for XHP70.3 HI , GT FC40
smooth for SFT40 , KW CULPM1.TG , SFT70 , GT LED
LED MCPCB:    made of copper.
DTP thermally conductive structure.
3.0 W/(m·K) thermal grease below the MCPCB.
Head structure: integrated type (Best structure for conducting heat, but please note that fast heat transfer does not mean fast heat dissipation, which depends on the surface area of the flashlight.)
Switch: The electronic switch is located on the side of the head, pay attention to the flashlight using the electronic switch has standby current, if it is possible that you will not use the flashlight for more than a week, please loosen the tail of the flashlight to avoid the risk of battery damage.
Tail:    nickel-plated phosphor copper spring inside, it can bear 10A current.
Electro&optical parameters    Driver output:    6V 5A boost for XHP70.3 HI , SFT70
12V 2.5A boost for GT FC40
3V 8A buck for SFT40 , KW CULPM1.TG, GT LED
Driver efficiency: around 95%
Charging: 5V 2A Type-C port
Mode: See below for details
Illumination distance: SFT40 , KW CULPM1.TG > 700 meters (ANSI standard)

Low voltage warning: Yes
Reverse polarity protection: Yes
Mode memory: Yes
Temperature control function: Yes , As the temperature rises, the current will drop slowly, but this does not mean that the surface of the flashlight will not heat up.When the flashlight works for a long time under the maximum brightness, the surface temperature will rise to 80-90 degrees Celsius, please be careful of burns.
Tailstand:    Yes

Required battery type: 1*INR or IMR 21700 lithium battery (can bear 10A or more)
Size & weight    Length: 143.8mm
Diameter: head 40mm , body 27.5mm , tail 29.5mm
Weight: Net weight 145g 
Gross weight 195g (include package)
Accessory: 1* lanyard
Mode operation instructions: the button  ——>  flashlight is turned on with last brightness ——> press the button,brightness ramping up ——> release and press the button again,brightness ramping down

2.flashlight off, press the button  ——>  moonlight mode 0.2%   [This brightness will not be remembered]

3.flashlight on or off, 2-click the button  ——>  turbo 100%,Double-click again to return to the previously set brightness.

4.flashlight off,3-click the button   ——>  strobe

5.flashlight off,4-click the button   ——>  tactical mode, only 100% ,4-click the button again to quit tactical mode.

6.flashlight off,5-click the button   ——>  voltage detection  (* means "flash" ,  *** pause ******* means 3.7V, )

7.flashlight off,6-click the button   ——>  normal ramping mode switch to 4modes 1%-10%-40%-100%

8.flashlight off,10-click the button   ——>  Lock mode,The flashlight will flash once under any operation, which means the flashlight is locked.10-click the button again to quit lock mode,Please note that this is the only way to unlock.

 The flashlight has low voltage protection and temperature control protection.

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