Convoy M26D 26800 TIR Flashlight

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The Convoy M26D is a high-quality flashlight crafted from durable aluminum alloy, ensuring its ability to withstand rugged conditions and provide reliable performance. This flashlight is equipped with advanced features that make it an excellent choice for various applications.

One of the standout features of the Convoy M26D is its versatility, making it suitable for different lighting needs. The flashlight has a side switch that allows for easy operation and access to various modes. By simply clicking the button, the flashlight turns on with the last-used brightness level. Pressing the button again will increase the brightness, while releasing and pressing it once more will decrease the brightness.

For specific lighting requirements, the Convoy M26D offers a range of modes that can be easily accessed through different button clicks. Double-clicking the button turns on the turbo mode, delivering a powerful 100% brightness output. Triple-clicking the button activates the strobe mode, which can be useful for signaling or emergency situations.

The flashlight also features a tactical mode, accessible with four button clicks, that offers a fixed 100% brightness. To exit the tactical mode, users simply need to click the button four more times. Additionally, five clicks on the button activate the voltage detection mode, which displays the battery voltage with a series of flashes, indicating the battery's power level.

Another noteworthy function of the Convoy M26D is its normal ramping mode, which can be accessed with six clicks on the button. In this mode, users can smoothly switch between four different brightness levels: 1%, 10%, 40%, and 100%.

The flashlight is also equipped with a unique lock mode, accessed by clicking the button ten times. The lock mode prevents accidental activation, ensuring the flashlight remains off until it is unlocked with another ten clicks on the button.

The Convoy M26D has a mode memory feature that recalls the last-used brightness level when turned on, adding to its convenience and user-friendly operation.

The flashlight supports two types of batteries: one 26800 standard battery or one 26650 standard battery. With a maximum charging current of 2A, the Convoy M26D can be quickly recharged for extended use.

The lens design includes an AR-coated glass lens and a 12-degree TIR bead lens, delivering a focused and smooth beam pattern.

With a head/body diameter of 40mm/33mm and a length of 140.8mm, the Convoy M26D strikes a good balance between portability and performance. The flashlight weighs 182g, making it easy to carry during outdoor adventures or professional use.

For added safety, the Convoy M26D is equipped with low voltage warning and reverse polarity protection. It also features low voltage protection and temperature control protection, ensuring its stable performance even in demanding conditions.

In conclusion, the Convoy M26D is a versatile and reliable flashlight, offering a wide range of features and lighting options for various tasks and environments. Its durable construction, user-friendly interface, and multiple modes make it a valuable tool for outdoor enthusiasts, emergency responders, and professionals in need of a dependable lighting solution.

Material: aluminum alloy
Low voltage warning: yes
Reverse polarity protection: yes
Lens Type: air-coated glass lens and 12 degree TIR bead lens
Switch position: side
Mode memory: yes
Tail stand: yes
Driver output :
                     6V 5A for XHP70.2,XHP70.3 Hi
                     12V 2.5A for GT FC40
                     XHP70.2,XHP70.3 Hi R70--- 4000LM
                     XHP70.3 Hi R9050---3000LM
                     GT FC40 --- 2500LM

Maximum charging current: 2A

Battery: 1*26800 or 1*26650 standard battery
Size: Head/body diameter: 40mm/33mm
length: 140.8mm
Product weight: 182g

Mode operation instructions: the button  ——>  flashlight is turned on with last brightness ——> press the button, brightness ramping up ——> release and press the button again, brightness ramping down

2.flashlight off, press the button  ——>  moonlight mode  (0.2%)   [This brightness will not be remembered]

3.flashlight on or off, 2-click the button  ——>  turbo 100%

4.flashlight off,3-click the button   ——>  strobe

5.flashlight off,4-click the button   ——>  tactical mode, only 100% ,4-click the button again to quit tactical mode.

6.flashlight off,5-click the button   ——>  voltage detection  (* means "flash" ,  *** pause ******* means 3.7V, )

7.flashlight off,6-click the button   ——>  normal ramping mode switch to 4modes 1%-10%-40%-100%

8.flashlight off,10-click the button   ——>  Lock mode, the flashlight will flash once under any operation, which means the flashlight is locked.10-click the button again to quit lock mode, please note that this is the only way to unlock.

The flashlight has low voltage protection and temperature control protection.