Convoy S2 Plus Copper 1200lm LED Flashlight

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The Convoy S2 Plus Copper flashlight is a special edition made of high quality copper. Its sturdy and durable body is made entirely of copper, giving it a distinctive look and solid feel in the hands. This version of the Convoy S2 Plus Copper is equipped with a high CRI (Colour Rendering Index) Nichia 519A R9080 LED. This LED offers exceptional color rendering, accurately reproducing colors in a natural and lifelike way. The light emitted by the LED has a color temperature of 4500K, which is considered to be very close to sunlight. This makes the flashlight ideal for tasks that require detailed vision and accurate color rendition, such as photography, inspection and professional use. The Convoy S2 Plus Copper driver is designed to deliver a maximum current of 5A and offers 12 groups of modes to choose from. This allows the user to customize the lighting to suit their needs. Available modes include several brightness options, from ultra-low to maximum 1200 lumens of luminous flux. Thanks to the mode memory function, the flashlight remembers the last mode used, making it easier to use and allowing you to turn on the flashlight directly in the desired mode. The Convoy S2 Plus Copper features a low voltage warning, which notifies the user when the battery is running low. This helps prevent rapid power depletion and allows the user to take appropriate measures, such as recharging or battery replacement, in time. In addition, the flashlight features reverse polarity protection, which protects the internal circuitry from the possibility of damage if the battery is inserted incorrectly. The lens of the Convoy S2 Plus Copper is made of glass with an anti-reflection coating, which ensures optimal light transmission and increased scratch resistance. The reflector inside the torch is of the "orange peel" type, characterized by a slightly rough surface that uniformly diffuses the light emitted by the LED, creating a well-distributed light beam. The flashlight requires a single unprotected 18650 lithium battery, capable of carrying a current of 5 amps. The battery can be easily inserted into the body of the flashlight and ensures adequate autonomy for prolonged use. The compact size of the Convoy S2 Plus Copper, with a height of 118 mm and a width of 24.1 mm, makes it comfortable to carry and use.

In conclusion, the Convoy S2 Plus Copper is a high quality flashlight, featuring a unique design and outstanding performance. The copper body gives the flashlight an elegant look and a sturdy feel, while the high CRI LED ensures superior color rendering. With its versatile driver, low voltage protection and mode memory function, this flashlight is suitable for a wide range of tasks, from everyday use to professional use.

LED: Nichia 519A R9080 high CRI
Driver: 5A current 12groups
Flux: 1200LM
Low voltage warning: Yes
Reverse polarity protection: Yes
Lens type: Ar-coated Glass
Reflector: Orange peel
Mode memory: Yes
Required battery type: Unprotected 18650 lithium battery which can bear 5amps current
Required battery quantity: 1pcs
Height: 118mm
Width: 24.1mm
Weight: 181g