Convoy S21G Ti SFT40/XHP50.3 21700 Flashlight

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The Convoy S21G Ti SFT40 21700 Flashlight is a cutting-edge illumination tool designed for enthusiasts who seek a perfect blend of performance, durability, and customization in their lighting equipment. Crafted from high-quality Titanium, the flashlight not only exudes a sleek appearance but also ensures robustness for various applications. The glossy or stonewash color options further enhance its aesthetic appeal.

At the heart of this flashlight is a potent 1 * SFT40 LED, capable of producing a maximum luminous flux of 2000 lumens. The smooth reflector and ar-coated glass lens work in harmony to deliver a focused and clear beam, making it suitable for both everyday tasks and outdoor adventures. The flashlight's waterproof rating of IPX6 ensures reliability in challenging weather conditions.

The Convoy S21G Ti is powered by a single 21700 lithium battery with a flat head and no protection board. This choice of battery enhances the overall performance and longevity of the flashlight. The mechanical switch located at the end of the flashlight facilitates easy operation – a single click turns the flashlight on or off, while a tap of the switch allows users to cycle through different modes.

Weighing only 123.8g (excluding packaging, battery, and lanyard), the Convoy S21G Ti is remarkably lightweight considering its features. The dimensions of 26mm (body diameter), 27.2mm (head & tail diameter), and 126.8mm (length) contribute to its compact and ergonomic design. The inclusion of a lanyard as an accessory adds convenience for users who prefer hands-free carrying options.

One of the standout features of the Convoy S21G Ti is its extensive customization options. The flashlight boasts 12 different mode groups, allowing users to tailor their lighting experience according to their preferences. To access the configuration mode, users can tap the switch 20 times quickly. Although the flashlight lacks a visual interface, the flashing patterns represent different options, and users can select their preferred settings by tapping the switch during the flashing process.

Option 1 within the configuration mode enables users to select from various mode groups, each offering unique brightness levels and additional functions such as strobe, biking, battery-check, and SOS modes. Option 2, activated by a normal flash of the switch followed by a buzz flash, allows users to toggle the mode memory on or off. In the absence of user input, the flashlight will default to the last used mode.

The flashlight also includes a battery-check function that provides clear indicators of the battery level when using a 21700 lithium battery. Flash patterns are as follows: 1 flash for <2.95V, 2 flashes for 2.95-3.25V, 3 flashes for 3.25-3.55V, 4 flashes for 3.55-3.85V, and 5 flashes for >3.85V. It's worth noting that this function is not available when the flashlight is powered by a 1.5V battery.

In conclusion, the Convoy S21G Ti SFT40 21700 Flashlight offers a perfect balance of craftsmanship, performance, and customization. Its robust design, powerful LED, and extensive mode options make it an ideal choice for users who demand versatility and reliability in their lighting gear. Whether for everyday tasks or outdoor adventures, this flashlight is poised to exceed expectations

LED: 1 * SFT40
Luminous flux: max 2000LM
Mode: see detailed description later
Brightness memory: Yes
Battery: 1 * 21700 lithium battery flat head without protection board (not include)
Material: Ti
Colour: glossy / stonewash
Waterproof rating: IPX6
Switch type: mechanical switch at the end of the flashlight.
Driver output current: max 8A buck (old version), constant current, 6a linear driver at present
Reflector type: smooth reflector 
Lens: ar-coated glass
Size: 26mm (body diameter),27.2mm(head&tail diameter), 126.8mm (length)
Net weight of the flashlight: 123.8g (without packaging, battery, lanyard)
Package gross weight: 150g
Package size:15.2*5.6*4cm
Included accessories: 1*lanyard

12 groups: the switch to turn the flashlight on/off,tap the switch to select mode

2.if flashlight is turned on,tap the switch 20 times quickly to enter into config mode.(On a visual interface,as long as you click on an option, it means that the option is selected. The flashlight has no visual interface. It flashes to represent an option, and "tap the switch in the flashing process" means to select the option.)

   Option 1 (normal-flash 1 time + buzz-flash): tap the switch to enter into sub-option to select the mode group,If the user has no operation, the config mode will enter option 2.

       -------------sub-option 1.1 (normal-flash 1 time) : tap the switch to select mode group 1 (0.1%, 1%, 10%, 35%, 100%, strobe, biking, battery-check)

       -------------sub-option 1.2 (normal-flash 2 times) : tap the switch to select mode group 2 (0.1%, 1%, 10%, 35%, 100%)

       -------------sub-option 1.3 (normal-flash 3 times) : tap the switch to select mode group 3 (100%, 35%, 10%, 1%, 0.1%)

       -------------sub-option 1.4 (normal-flash 4 times) : tap the switch to select mode group 4 (1%, 20%, 100%, strobe, biking, battery-check, SOS)

       -------------sub-option 1.5 (normal-flash 5 times) : tap the switch to select mode group 5 (1%, 20%, 100%)

       -------------sub-option 1.6 (normal-flash 6 times) : tap the switch to select mode group 6 (100%, 20%, 1%)

       -------------sub-option 1.7 (normal-flash 7 times) : tap the switch to select mode group 7 (0.1%, 1%, 10%, 50%, strobe, biking, battery-check, SOS)

       -------------sub-option 1.8 (normal-flash 8 times) : tap the switch to select mode group 8(0.1%, 1%, 10%, 50%)

       -------------sub-option 1.9 (normal-flash 9 times) : tap the switch to select mode group 9 (50%, 10%, 1%, 0.1%)

       -------------sub-option 1.10 (normal-flash 10 times) : tap the switch to select mode group 10 (1%, 10%, 35%, 100%)

       -------------sub-option 1.11 (normal-flash 11 times) : tap the switch to select mode group 11 (100%, 20%, strobe)

       -------------sub-option 1.12 (normal-flash 12 times) : tap the switch to select mode group 12(100% only)

   Option 2 (normal-flash 2 times + buzz-flash): tap the switch to active the mode memory or inactive it,If the user has no operation,flashlight will enter into the last mode. 

battery-check instructions:

 <2.95V    1 flash,

2.95-3.25V  2 flashes,

3.25-3.55V  3 flashes,

3.55-3.85V  4 flashes,

>3.85V     5 flashes