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The Convoy T3 is a compact and powerful torch made of aluminum alloy with micro-arc surface oxidation treatment. With its compact design and IPX4-rated water resistance, it's perfect for everyday use, outdoor activities, camping, and more. This flashlight is equipped with a Nichia 519A R9080 LED that offers high color rendering, ensuring natural and detailed color rendering. The maximum luminous flux reaches 500 lumens, providing powerful illumination in different situations. 

The Convoy T3 offers a range of 13 groups of modes, which allow you to adapt the light intensity to your needs. The maximum output current is 0.5A when using AA battery and 1.5A when using 14500 lithium battery. In addition, the flashlight has mode memory function, which allows you to resume the last used mode. The flashlight is powered by a single AA battery or a 14500 lithium battery. It is important to use unprotected batteries that can handle a current of 5 amps. The Convoy T3 also features reverse polarity protection, which protects the flashlight from damage caused by inserting the battery incorrectly. 

The reflector with "orange peel" finish ensures uniform distribution of light, offering a wide and well diffused beam. The normal glass of the lens ensures good light transmission, allowing excellent visibility. In terms of dimensions, the Convoy T3 has a diameter of 21mm and a length of 96.8mm, making it compact and easily portable. Weighing 181 grams, the flashlight offers a good feel of solidity and build quality. 

The flashlight comes with a clip for attachment, a carrying lanyard and a USB charger (in case a rechargeable AA battery is included). You can also buy the flashlight without a battery if you prefer to use your own batteries. 

Flashlight control is via a reverse switch, which allows you to turn the flashlight on and off with a full click, while a half-press activates switch mode. In addition, the flashlight features low-voltage protection that flashes when the battery voltage is below certain levels, ensuring safe use and preventing deep battery discharge. The Convoy T3 is a great choice for those looking for a compact, powerful and versatile flashlight. With its high luminous efficacy, multiple light modes and water resistance, it's perfect for a variety of indoor and outdoor activities.

Material: Titanium Aluminum alloy
LED : 519A R9080
FLUX: Max 500lm
Mode: 13 groups ,Max current output 0.5A (AA battery),Max current output 1.5A (14500 lithium battery),
Mode memory: yes
Maximum efficiency: 90%(13groups)
Material: Aluminum alloy, micro-arc oxidation surface treatment
Waterproof grade: IPX4
Switch type: Reverse
Reflector type: Orange peel
Lens: Normal glass
Size: 21mm(diameter) ,96.8mm(length)

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Thomas Lisson
Great EDC Flashlight

Small and bright!