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The Convoy T3 Ti EDC Flashlight is a remarkable and compact illumination tool that offers an impressive range of features and capabilities. Designed with attention to detail and precision, this flashlight is perfect for everyday carry and provides reliable lighting when you need it the most. In this extensive description, we will explore the Convoy T3 Ti and all the elements that make it stand out as a versatile and highly functional EDC flashlight.

The Convoy T3 Ti EDC Flashlight is equipped with a high-quality KW CSLNM1.TG LED, which delivers a maximum output of 400 lumens. This powerful LED ensures that you have access to a bright and clear source of light that can assist you in a variety of situations. Whether you're navigating in the dark, working on tasks, or simply in need of a reliable light source, the T3 Ti is ready to shine.

The Convoy T3 Ti offers a choice of 12 different groups and allows you to configure the flashlight to your specific preferences. You can easily switch between different modes and customize your illumination experience. The flashlight has a maximum current output of 0.5A when using a standard AA battery and 1.5A when using a 14500 lithium battery. The flexibility in choosing between these two battery types adds to the versatility of the T3 Ti.

The T3 Ti features a convenient mode memory function, which recalls the last mode used. This feature ensures that you can quickly access your preferred lighting mode without having to cycle through different options each time you use the flashlight.

The flashlight is compatible with both a single AA battery or a 14500 lithium battery (batteries not included). This compatibility allows you to choose the power source that best suits your needs and availability, making the T3 Ti adaptable to various situations.

With a lighting range of 50 to 100 meters, the Convoy T3 Ti is well-suited for both close-up tasks and lighting objects at a distance. The versatility in lighting range ensures that the flashlight can meet the demands of various scenarios.

The flashlight is crafted from titanium (Ti), a durable and lightweight material that adds to its overall quality. The use of titanium contributes to the flashlight's robust construction, making it suitable for everyday carry and extended use.

The Convoy T3 Ti boasts an IPX4 waterproof grade, providing protection against splashes and ensuring that the flashlight remains operational in light rain or wet conditions. This level of water resistance is valuable, especially for outdoor and everyday use.

The flashlight features a reverse switch type, adding to its user-friendly design. The reverse switch is easy to operate and ensures that you can activate the flashlight quickly when needed.The T3 Ti is equipped with a smooth reflector, which optimizes the flashlight's beam shape and throw. This reflector design helps maximize the reach and coverage of the light, making it suitable for a variety of tasks and environments.

The flashlight utilizes normal glass for its lens, which provides a clear and durable protective cover for the LED. The lens ensures that the light output is unobstructed and maintains its quality over time. The Convoy T3 Ti has a compact and easy-to-carry design, with dimensions of 21mm (diameter) and 96.8mm (length). This size makes it ideal for everyday carry, fitting comfortably in a pocket, bag, or attached to a keychain. The flashlight is remarkably lightweight, weighing only 78g (flashlight only, not including the clip, lanyard, or packaging). This lightweight design adds to the convenience of carrying the T3 Ti with you wherever you go.

  • FLUX: 400lm max
  • Mode: 12groups ,Max current output 0.5A (AA battery),Max current output 1.5A (14500 lithium battery),
  • Mode memory: yes
  • Maximum efficiency: 90%(13groups)
  • Battery: 1 * AA / 14500  (not included)
  • Lighting range: 50-100meters
  • Material: Ti
  • Waterproof grade: IPX4
  • Switch type: reverse
  • Reflector type: smooth
  • Lens : normal glass
  • Size: 21mm(diameter) ,96.8mm(length)
  • Weight:78g (only flashlight ,not include the clip/lanyard/package)
  • Accessory: 1*clip,1*lanyard


if flashlight is turned on,tap the switch 20 times quickly to enter into config mode.(On a visual interface,as long as you click on an option, it means that the option is selected. The flashlight has no visual interface. It flashes to represent an option, and "tap the switch in the flashing process" means to select the option.)

   Option 1 (normal-flash 1 time + buzz-flash): tap the switch to enter into sub-option to select the mode group,If the user has no operation, the config mode will enter option 2.

       -------------sub-option 1.1 (normal-flash 1 time) : tap the switch to select mode group 1 (1%、10%、30%、100%)

       -------------sub-option 1.2 (normal-flash 2 times) : tap the switch to select mode group 2 (1%  10%、35%、100%、strobe、biking、batcheck)

       -------------sub-option 1.3 (normal-flash 3 times) : tap the switch to select mode group 3 (100%、35%、10%、1%)

       -------------sub-option 1.4 (normal-flash 4 times) : tap the switch to select mode group 4 (1%  20%、100%、strobe、biking、batcheck)

       -------------sub-option 1.5 (normal-flash 5 times) : tap the switch to select mode group 5 (1%、20%、100%)

       -------------sub-option 1.6 (normal-flash 6 times) : tap the switch to select mode group 6 (100%、20%、1%)

       -------------sub-option 1.7 (normal-flash 7 times) : tap the switch to select mode group 7 (1%  10%、50%、strobe、biking、batcheck)

       -------------sub-option 1.8 (normal-flash 8 times) : tap the switch to select mode group 8(1%、10%、50%)

       -------------sub-option 1.9 (normal-flash 9 times) : tap the switch to select mode group 9 (50%、10%、1%)

       -------------sub-option 1.10 (normal-flash 10 times) : tap the switch to select mode group 10 (20%、100%)

       -------------sub-option 1.11 (normal-flash 11 times) : tap the switch to select mode group 11 (100%、20%、strobe)

       -------------sub-option 1.12 (normal-flash 12 times) : tap the switch to select mode group 12(100%)

   Option 2 (normal-flash 2 times + buzz-flash): tap the switch to active the mode memory or inactive it,If the user has no operation,flashlight will enter into the last mode. 

battery-check  instructions:

 <2.95V    1 flash,

2.95-3.25V  2 flashes,

3.25-3.55V  3 flashes,

3.55-3.85V  4 flashes,

>3.85V     5 flashes

Notice that there is no battery-check function if flashlight is powered by the 1.5V battery