Cyansky P10 300Lumen Portable EDC Flashlight

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The Cyansky P10 is a small EDC flashlight capable of producing 300 lumens at its highest level. This flashlight is powered by a single AA alkaline cell but 1.2V Ni-MH rechargeable cells can also be used as an alternative. 

The output levels vary according to the cell used: in fact, using an alkaline cell, the possible outputs are High of 300 lumens with 3 hours of runtime, maximum reachable distance of 60 meters and intensity of 90 candles, Medium of 50 lumens with 17 hours of runtime, distance maximum reachable 34 meters and intensity 289 candles, Basso of 3 lumens with 168 hours of runtime, maximum distance reachable 4.6 meters and intensity 5.3 candles. Using instead a Ni-MH cell as a power source, the output levels will be divided as follows: High of 350 lumens with 2 hours of runtime, maximum distance reachable 67 meters and intensity 1122 candles, Medium of 50 lumens with 14 hours of runtime, maximum distance reachable 34 meters and intensity 289 candles, Basso from 3 lumens with 150 hours of runtime, maximum distance reachable 4.6 meters and intensity 5.3 candles. 

Interface management is entrusted entirely to a single switch present in the queue: it is very simple and intuitive to use. Just click on the switch to turn on the light, click to turn it off. The flashlight also has the Low voltage warning function. The torch is entirely made of hard anodized aeronautical aluminum which gives it high strength and resistance to bad weather, abrasion and impact. 

The user interface is also equipped with a memory mode that remembers the last level used: in this way, at each start-up the user can directly access the last output level he used. 

The smooth design of the Cyansky P10 body is anti rolling therefore the light will not roll when placed on slightly inclined surfaces. The water resistance is given as per the IP68 standard while the drop resistance is 2 meters high. The working temperature ranges from -30° to 50°. The dimensions are 0.8 in x 0.69 in x 3.52 in (20.55 mm x 17.5 mm x 89.3 mm) while the weight is just 1.11 oz / 31.5 g (excluding battery and accessories). 

The LED used is made in Germany: it is in fact the OSRAM Duris P9 with a life of over 50,000 hours. The lens is of the TIR type, therefore with total reflection which guarantees a clean and homogeneous beam. The belt clip is made of stainless steel and is two-way. In addition to the flashlight, the package also includes an AA alkaline cell, a wrist lanyard, two spare o-rings, the user manual and the warranty card.


▶1*AA Alkaline battery / NI-MH battery.
▶Maximum Output: 300 Lumens
▶Maximum Intensity: 900 Candela
▶Maximum Distance: 60 meters
▶Maximum Runtime: 168 Hours
▶Tail Tactical switch, one tap to light up.
▶Low voltage warning function.
▶Made of aircraft-grade hard aluminum alloy
▶ High-quality optical lens
▶Structure anti-reverse connection design
▶Intelligent memory function
▶Anti-roll design.
▶IP68 waterproof and dustproof
▶2 meters of impact resistance
▶-30-50° working temperature

OUTPUT (Lumens) Alkaline Battery 3 50 300
NI-MH Battery 3 50 350
RUNTIME (Hours) Alkaline Battery 168 17 3
NI-MH Battery 150 14 2
DISTANCE (Meters) Alkaline Battery 4.6 34 60
NI-MH Battery 4.6 34 67
INTENSITY (Candelas) Alkaline Battery 5.3 289 900
NI-MH Battery 5.3 289 1122
Working Voltage 1.0-L5V
Battery Type 1*AA Alkaline Battery / NI-MH Battery
WATERPROOF IP68(2 meters underwater)
SIZE 0.8''*0.69''*3.52''/20.55*17.5*89.3mm
Weight 1.11oz/31.5g(exculding battery and accessories)
WORKING TEMPERATURE -30℃-50℃/-22℉-122℉