Cyansky P25 V2.0 Outdoor Floodlight Flashlight

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The Cyansky P25 V2.0 is a compact yet powerful linear torch capable of delivering an output level of 3600 lumens when operated on the highest output level. Its user interface features 4 normal brightness levels and three special flashing output levels. The output levels are divided as follows: Low of 50 lumens with a maximum runtime of 25 hours, maximum reachable distance of 24 meters, maximum light intensity of 24 candles; Med of 200 lumens with a maximum runtime of 10 hours, maximum distance that can be reached 49 meters, maximum light intensity 600 candles; High from 800 lumens with a maximum runtime of 3 hours, maximum reachable distance 97 meters, maximum light intensity 2350 candles; Turbo of 3600 lumens with a maximum runtime of 2 hours, maximum distance that can be reached 208 meters, maximum light intensity 10800 candles. The impact resistance is given up to 2 meters in height while the water resistance follows the IPX8 standard (2 meters submersible under water). The dimensions are 1.18" * 0.96" * 5.72" / 30 * 24.4 * 145.4 mm while the weight is 3.46 oz / 98 grams (excluding battery and accessories). The working Temperature is -30℃-50℃/-22°F- 122°F. The Cyansky P25 V2.0 has a beam whose spotlight is 26° while the floodlight is 85°. The surface of the Cyansky P25 V2.0 is made with Micro-arc oxidation which guarantees very high anti-corrosion and anti-scratch than normal anodizing.The surface has a ceramic layer with a dense structure with good thickness and good resistance to high temperatures, impact, corrosion and even scratches.The package of Cyansky P25 V2.0 is complete with everything needed to start using the light right away: in fact, in the package there are, in addition to the P25 v2 torch, a 5000mAh model 21700 rechargeable lithium-ion cell, a Nylon holster, a Type-C refill, a wrist strap, o-rings of spare and a spare rubber for the switch, multilingual user manual and warranty card. Interface management is managed by two switches, one in the queue that allows you to turn the light on and off, and an electronic one on the side to switch between the different output levels and access the special functions available. under the side switch there is also a small colored status LED which gives the user information on the amount of residual charge inside the cell. To charge the supplied 21700 battery, just use a standard USB-C cable also supplied in the package. The 21700 battery itself has the Type-C charging interface so there is no need to buy special chargers. The user interface also features the last level used memorization function which re-proposes the previous level used each time it is switched on.


✅1*CREE XHP 70.3 LED.
✅All metal design.
✅White light multi-mode design.
✅ECO/Strobe/SOS mode.
✅Wider angle floodlight.
✅Max. 3600 lumens & 208 meters.
✅Tactical Double Switch.
✅21700 battery. Type-C fast charge.
✅Max 80 hours of runtime.
✅Intelligent temperature control.
✅Power indicator.
✅Memory function.
✅IPX8 waterproof, 2-meter impact resistance.
✅Working temperature: -30℃ to 50℃.

FL1 STANDARD General Mode Special Mode
OUTPUT(Lumens) 50 200 800 3600 1600 200 5
RUNTIME(Hours) 25 10 3 2 - - 80
DISTANCE(Meters) 24 49 97 208 - - -
INTENSITY(Candelas) 144 600 2350 10800 - - -
WATERPROOF IPX8(2 meters underwater)
SIZE 1.18" * 0.96" * 5.72" / 30 * 24.4 * 145.4 mm
WEIGHT 3.46 oz / 98 grams (excluding battery and accessories)
WORKING TEMPERATURE -30℃-50℃/-22°F-122°F