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In the world of accessories for camping, outdoor activities and emergencies, headlamps have become an indispensable tool. Among the various manufacturers of these lamps, ESKTE stands out for its reputation for offering high quality products and advanced performance. One of their most recent products, the H150 AA 14500 USB magnetic charging LED Headlamp, is a top-notch LED headlamp packed with cutting-edge technology and innovative features.

The H150 AA 14500 is equipped with powerful LEDs: CREE XP-L2 6500K and Nichia 519A High CRI R9080 4500K. This combination allows for two different maximum output options: 650 lumens for CREE Cool White ANSI and 480 lumens for Nichia High CRI ANSI. These specifications ensure a wide and bright illumination in any situation.

A notable feature of this headlamp is its impressive battery life. On a single charge, you can get up to 55 days of continuous use, making it a reliable and long-lasting companion for your outdoor adventures. This feature is particularly useful during long hikes or in emergency situations.

The performance of an LED headlamp largely depends on the beam length and peak intensity. In the case of the H150 AA 14500, the data is impressive. Using a 14500 battery, the beam length reaches 92 meters with the CREE XP-L2 HD LED, and 95 meters with the Nichia NVSW519AT LED. In the case of Ni-MH batteries, the beam extends up to 54 meters with the CREE XP-L2 HD LED and 56 meters with the Nichia NVSW519AT LED.

The peak intensity is equally significant, as it determines the concentrated brightness of a point. With the 14500 battery, the H150 reaches a peak intensity of 2100cd with the CREE XP-L2 HD LED and 2250cd with the Nichia NVSW519AT LED. With Ni-MH batteries, peak intensity reaches 730cd with CREE XP-L2 HD LED and 790cd with Nichia NVSW519AT LED.

Another important feature of a LED headlamp is its ability to withstand adverse external conditions. The H150 AA 14500 proves robust and reliable with an IPX-8 certification, meaning it's water resistant up to 2 meters deep for up to 30 minutes. This makes it ideal for use in variable weather conditions or in emergency situations, such as rain or snow.

It's also designed to be shock resistant, ensuring that the H150 can withstand accidental drops or bumps while in use. Its robust construction makes it a reliable choice for hikers, campers and professionals in the field.

Another feature that makes the H150 AA 14500 a popular choice is its versatility in feeding. This headlamp can be powered by two different sources: a 14500 battery or a standard AA battery. This flexibility ensures that users always have the ability to find replacement batteries, even in emergency situations or in remote areas where it might be difficult to source a specific battery.

The H150 AA 14500 has been designed with the aim of being compact and light, ensuring maximum comfort during use. With a length of 79.8 mm and a head diameter of 21.4 mm, this headpiece is easy to wear and won't weigh on your heads during long hours of use. Weighing just 33g without batteries, it is one of the lightest headlamps available on the market, making it an ideal choice for those who value ergonomics and convenience.

LED: CREE XP-L2 6500K /  Nichia 519A High CRI R9080 4500K
Max output: CREE Cool White ANSI 650 Lumens,  Nichia High CRI ANSI 480 Lumens
Max runtime: 55 days
Max beam distance:
14500 : 92m (XP-L2 HD) / 95m (NVSW519AT)
Ni-MH : 54m (XP-L2 HD) / 56m (NVSW519AT)
Max peak beam intensity:
14500 : 2100cd (XP-L2 HD) / 2250cd (NVSW519AT)
Ni-MH : 730cd (XP-L2 HD) / 790cd (NVSW519AT)
Waterproof: IPX-8
Impact resistant: 1 Meter
Battery: 1×14500 , 1x AA
Rated Range: 0.8V ~ 4.2V
Dimension: L79.8mm / 3.14″, Head diameter 21.4mm / 0.84 “.
Weight: 33 g / 1.16oz (without battery)
Accessories: User manual, Spare O-rings, Lanyard, Clip, Headband, Magnetic Charging Cable

1,Battery installation & Replace magnet:

Insert the battery positive pole toward the light head, otherwise it will not work. When the light turning on, the beam is directed away from the eyes. When take the light with Bankcards(magnetic) or cellphone, should replaced Magnet with rubber pad.

Single click the side switch to turn the light on/off. When the light is turned off,
it will memorized current brightness level or mode.

When the flashlight was OFF status:
Single click switch to Memory level(H-M1-M2).
Quickly double clicks switch to Turbo(T1/T2).
Quickly triple-click switch to Strobe(S1/S2/S3).
Hold press switch 0.5 second to Low(L1/L2).
When the flashlight was ON (T1/T2, H/M1/M2, L1/L2)
Press and hold the switch to automatically cycle, the level is selected when the side
switch has been released, turn off memorized.
When the flashlight was ON Memory level(H/M1/M2)
Quickly double clicks switch transfer Memory level to Turbo, repeat quickly double
clicks switch back to Memory level.
Quickly triple clicks switch transfer Strobe, repeat quickly triple clicks switch back to
Memory level.
Quickly click and hold switch transfer Memory level to Low, repeat quickly click and
hold switch back to Memory level.
When the flashlight was ON Strobe(S1/S2/S3)
Quickly double clicks switch transfer S1-S2-S3, turn off memorized.

When the flashlight is off , quickly click switch 4 times to access the button lockout
mode (location indicator activation at same time, the indicator light flash every second.
Double clicks can turn on/off the indicator). Quickly click switch 4 times, the button
unlock and activate memory Low mode.

When the battery voltage drops below 3.0V, the indicator flashes twice every 2 seconds,
the light fast flash every 2 Minute at same time.
When the battery voltage drops below 2.7V, the light will turn off.

5. Charging instructions and notices:
Connect the magnetic charging cable to an external USB power source,
then attach the other end of the cable to the charging port of the light
(Recommended USB power no less than 5W (5V 1A) )
The red indicator means charging, when the battery charging completed,
change to blue indicator.
!!!  Rechargeable function only for one 14500 (3.6V / 3.7V) rechargeable lithium battery!
When the battery is incorrectly insert the light, charging will damage the charging circuit.

1.Super bright & latest  LED, Max 650 lumens. High-Performance, High-Efficiency and energy conservation.
2.New U.D.O.C Reflector. Increased reflectivity over 10%., Efficiency reflection, perfect beam shot, excellent structure and temperature resistance.
3.Built-in magnetic charging system, fast charge and convenient.
4.Rugged indestructible aluminum body with anti-scratching type III hard anodization
5.Multi-level dissipating heat designed new copper starboard, excellent heat dissipation. Flashlight head integrated construction, high thermal conductivity.
6.Side switch button to transferring mode user-friendly interface to adjust output.
7.Wide input range provides more choices of batteries. High efficiency driver circuit, no visible flash in any mode.
8.Automatic memory function, remember last used setting and can be preset to specific output mode for instant access.
9.Intelligent temperature control technology for flashlight stable and safe use.
10.Reverse polarity protection, to protect from improper battery installation.
11.When turn off, hold press button to activate lockout function. Avoid light turn on by unexpected.
12.When light lockout, location indicator will flash, easy get the light in dark.
13.Magnetic tail, can be used in many special occasions, use as candlelight, etc.
14. Waterproof to IPX-8


Please do not point the lighted flashlight to the eyes of people or animals.
Please do not cover the light head when the flashlight is on, or place the flashlight head
on the ground. The radiation energy of the flashlight may cause damage to the flashlight
itself, or even result in burning to other materials.
Please do not use the turbo mode continuously when the environmental temperature is
high in case the flashlight body is too hot to hold.
Please do not put the light with magnetic items such as bank cards and mobile phones.