Fenix Aer-06s Tactical Remote Pressure Switch

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The Fenix ​​Aer-06s is a tactical remote switch for use exclusively with the GL19R tactical flashlight featuring a 45-gard design switch, type-C port connection and compatible with MIL-STD-1913 / M-Lock sleds. This accessory is perfect for the weapon short slide system. It allows you to activate the light of the GL19R in an instant, also allows the activation of the light through the momentary on and allows direct access to the strobe via shortcut. The momentary-on works as follows: when the switch is pressed, the light remains on until the user releases the switch.

Specifically designed for short rail systems such as SBR this switch has different modes of use: with a single tap the light turns on or off. By fully pressing the switch, the light turns on in constant mode: in this case, after pressing the switch completely, the user can release it and the light will continue to stay on. If, on the other hand, you want to access the strobe, just press and hold the switch for over 0.5 seconds. This is direct access to the strobe flashing level: it is quite useful in tactical situations since the flashlight generates a powerful light beam and has a stunning effect on people.

The body of the Fenix ​​Aer-06s is low profile and does not affect aiming. Its height is in fact only 28mm which is lower than most of the rifle aiming baseline. It will not affect the aiming even if it is mounted on the top of the rail.

The cable of this switch can also be placed inside the appropriate slot: this allows you not to block the view and has no effect during pointing operations.

The button has an ergonomic inclination of 45 degrees and is ideal for a multitude of grips. It can be installed in different positions, for example to allow it to be used with the thumb or forefinger in various positions of the weapon.

 In the package comes the MIL-STD-1913 rail adapter and the M-Lok rail adapter to allow attachment to a multitude of weapons that use this slide system.

The connection with the torch is made through the Type-C interface of the GL19R. The attachment to the gun sleds is done quickly and safely through the locking system that the switch is equipped with.

In addition to the Fenix ​​Aer-06s also comes an M2 thumbscrews to be used to fix the type-C interface on the GL19R torch, M-Lok rail adapter base, Allen wrench, spare o-ring, and mount for MIL-STD-1913 rail


  • AER-06s Tactical Remote Pressure Switch

  • M2 thumbscrews

  • M-Lok rail adapter base

  • Allen wrench

  • Spare O-ring