Fenix BC05R V2.0 Rechargeable Bicycle Tail Light

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The Fenix ​​BC05R v2.0 is a rear light to be installed on the bicycle, designed for cyclists. This light allows you to stand out in the dark when you are using a bicycle. Thanks to its 15 lumens with red light, visibility is guaranteed in the dark at great distances. The Fenix ​​BC05R v2.0 includes six different modes of use with different types of flashing levels with different intensity and speed. It is therefore possible to choose the type of flashing that best suits the current conditions.

The Fenix ​​BC05R v2.0 is powered by an internal non-removable lithium-ion cell that provides a maximum output of 120 hours of battery life using the fast flashing red flash. The angle of the beam produced is 180 ° to be perfectly visible, both from the right and from the left and from behind, when for example the light is installed on the bicycle saddle.

The installation of the light on the saddle or on the handlebar of the bicycle is done through a thick o-ring that keeps it in place and well locked on the tube.

Battery charging is done through the type-C charging interface. It is covered by a thick rubber cap that protects it from dirt and water.

The switch is electronic, rubberized, protruding, very reactive to pressure and easily identifiable given its large size when compared to the size of the light. Inside, the switch has a small status indicator that returns information on the battery charging status: Green light on: saturated 100% - 85%, Green flashing light: sufficient 85% - 50%, Red light on: poor 50% - 25%, Flashing red light: critical 25% - 0%. There is also the low voltage warning: when the battery drops below 25% of the total voltage, then the battery level indicator will flash red to remind the user that it is time to charge the battery.

This small bicycle light is rechargeable via the Type-C fast charging interface. Moreover, thanks to the clip on the back, it is possible to use the BC05R v2.0 as a headlamp, or a torch to put on the chest when for example jogging, but also a torch that can be installed on a backpack or on any garment.

 The BC05R v2.0 is classified as IP66 therefore resistant to rain and dust. The resistance to falls is given up to 1.5 m in height.

The user interface is very simple: to turn it on and off, just a long press of 0.5 seconds on the switch. To select the output level, with the light on, just click on the switch to scroll the output levels as follows: Low, Low Flash (slow), Low Flash (fast), High, High Flash (slow), High Flash ( rapid). Thanks to the constant current circuit of the Fenix ​​BC05R v2.0, the output levels are always constant and do not vary according to the decrease in cell voltage.

With its extremely compact dimensions and with a very small weight, the Fenix ​​BC05R v2.0 light is the ideal torch to be used as a bicycle light but also as a position or signaling light to be installed on clothing, bags, belts, MOLLE systems or backpacks.


> 15 lumens maximum output; 120 hours maximum runtime.
> 5 red light LED.
> Built-in 400mAh Li-polymer battery.
> USB Type-C charging port.
> IP66 rated protection
> Matched with the body clip, can be used as a backpack light, chest light.
> Battery level indication for remaining battery level checking.


> OUTPUT: 15 lumens
> RUNTIME: 35 hours*
> DISTANCE: 50 meters
> INTENSITY: 9 candela
> Size: 2.01'' x 0.87'' x 0.87'' / 51 x 22 x 22 mm
> Weight: 0.99 oz / 28 g (including battery)