Fenix Bc21r V3.0 High-performance Front Bicycle Light

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Introducing the Fenix BC21R V3.0, the latest evolution of the BC21R series that takes cycling illumination to new heights. Building upon the success of its predecessor, the BC21R V3.0 boasts enhanced power and performance, making it a must-have for cyclists seeking top-tier lighting solutions. With a remarkable output of 1200 lumens and an extended range of approximately 466 feet or 142 meters, this flashlight delivers unbeatable visibility on your rides.

The Fenix BC21R V3.0 offers four distinct brightness levels, ensuring you have the perfect lighting for any cycling scenario. Whether you're navigating a dimly lit urban street or tackling challenging trails in the wilderness, this flashlight has you covered. Additionally, a flashing mode is available, enhancing your visibility to motorists, particularly in poorly lit or pitch-dark conditions.

Crafted to withstand the rigors of cycling, the Fenix BC21R V3.0 is designed to excel in adverse conditions. It meets the stringent IP68 standard for waterproofing, meaning it can be submerged in water up to a depth of 2 meters, although it's not intended for diving. This flashlight is also built to endure falls from heights of up to 1.5 meters, ensuring it remains reliable and resilient in demanding situations. The Fenix BC21R V3.0 comes equipped with a 2600mAh 18650 cell, specifically the ARB-L18-2600 model. This high-capacity battery ensures that your flashlight remains powered for extended periods. At the lowest output level of 50 lumens, you can enjoy over 33 hours of continuous illumination. The BC21R V3.0 offers a range of brightness levels to suit your needs: Low: 50 lumens with 33 hours of runtime and 206 cd, Medium: 150 lumens with 11 hours of runtime and 602 cd, High: 400 lumens with 6 hours and 30 minutes of runtime and 1621 cd, Turbo: 1200 lumens with 2 hours and 12 minutes of runtime and 5082 cd The flashlight also features a Flash mode with an output of 400 lumens. The user interface of the Fenix BC21R V3.0 is user-friendly and straightforward. To activate the flashlight, simply press and hold the switch for 0.5 seconds. The same action turns it off. Cycling through the various output levels is achieved by clicking the switch while the light is on. The sequence is as follows: Low, Medium, High, Turbo. To engage the Flash mode, double-click the switch. Exiting Flash mode is as simple as a single click, returning the flashlight to the previously used level.

The BC21R V3.0 features an intelligent memory circuit that remembers the output level used before turning the flashlight off. When you power it on again, it will resume at the last-used level. Additionally, an LED status indicator located above the switch displays the remaining battery charge using red and green colors. This feature is optimized for use with Fenix ARB-L18 18650 series Li-ion cells, ensuring reliable battery capacity information.

Safety is paramount, and the Fenix BC21R V3.0 incorporates intelligent temperature regulation to prevent overheating. When the flashlight reaches 60°C or higher, it automatically reduces the output to maintain a safe temperature. Additionally, a low battery voltage warning system alerts you to recharge or replace the battery. The warning is signaled by a red LED located beneath the switch.

The Fenix BC21R V3.0 is designed to be compact and lightweight, ensuring it seamlessly integrates with your cycling setup. Its dimensions are as follows: Length: 4.25" (116mm), Width: 1.06" (31mm), Height: 1.14" (30mm), and it weighs 5.54oz (157g) including the battery. In addition to the flashlight, the Fenix BC21R V3.0 package includes a handlebar mount for your bike, the Fenix ARB-L18-2600 lithium battery, a Type-C charging cable, spare o-rings, and a user manual.