Fenix CL30R Micro-USB rechargeable Camping lantern

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The Fenix ​​CL30R is a practical camping lantern that provides a 360 degree diffused beam that can also be used as a normal power bank for charging any type of USB device. The beam of the CL30R produces 650 lumens per turbo and is able to illuminate all around for a maximum range of 35 meters. For example, placed inside a room, the 360 ​​degree beam is able to illuminate completely on all sides.

Inside the Fenix ​​CL30R there are three rechargeable lithium-ion batteries in the 18650 model ARB L18 2600mAH format that guarantee a total runtime of 300 hours on the lowest output level. Using different cells, such as 3500mAh 18650 batteries, the maximum runtime increases up to 400 hours of maximum autonomy.

There are 6 output levels available, 5 of which are normal and one flashing Strobo. They are divided according to their power: Turbo of 650 lumens, High of 350 lumens, Medium of 100 lumens, Low of 50 lumens and Eco of 10 lumens. While the Flash mode has an output of 100 lumens.

Among the main features of this product there is also that of functioning as if it were a normal powerbank for charging electronic devices: thanks to the USB-A output interface it is possible, via a classic USB cable, to use the CL30R as a source. power supply for smartphones, cameras, speakers..etc

To recharge the internal batteries, it is possible to use the micro USB charging port located next to the USB-A port. There is also a battery level indicator.

The CL30R also has polarity inversion control that protects the circuits if the user incorrectly inserts the batteries. The cells are in 3P configuration therefore in parallel with each other: this means that the lantern can be used not only with three cells but also with one or two cells. Obviously in the latter two cases the runtimes will decrease in proportion to the number of cells used for power supply.

 To insert or remove the cells inside the lantern, just unscrew the cap on the top of the lantern. The charging / discharging interfaces are placed laterally at the bottom and are well protected by a thick rubber cap. On the bottom the Fenix ​​CL20R has a screw connection for the tripod, very useful if, for example, you want to install the lantern far from the ground. In the upper part there is also a steel ring to attach the lantern to anything such as a tree branch, in the center of a tent, and also useful for carrying by hand. The switch is electronic, it is placed laterally on the bottom of the lantern on the opposite side of the USB interfaces, it is rubberized and is orange in color. It is particularly wide and easy to activate and is placed inside a groove so the accidental lighting of the lantern when carrying it inside the backpack is rather difficult: in any case it is possible to electronically lock the interface to totally make sure that no accidental ignition occurs.

The dimensions of the Fenix ​​CL30R are: diameter 93 mm, height 136 mm for a weight of 412 g (excluding batteries and other accessories). The package includes the lantern, three 18650 batteries, charging cable, spare o-ring, user manual and warranty card.