Fenix E-Star Hand-pressing Self-powered Emergency Flashlight

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The Fenix ​​E-star is a self-powered portable flashlight ideal for any type of emergency and, for example, useful for use in those areas where there is no power supply or in those areas affected by disasters in fact it is able to generate electricity with a simple push of the handle; It can also be used as a backup flashlight for prolonged outdoor activities where it is not possible to carry backup batteries and where it is not possible to find sources of electrical energy.

The Fenix ​​E-STAR is equipped with a dynamo handle that allows you to activate the light simply by pressing it. Without the use of batteries, the movement of the handle alone is able to provide the LED with the energy it needs to turn on. Thanks to the built-in supercapacitor the Fenix ​​E-STAR can be used without any battery. In fact, it is enough to press the handle for 20 seconds to have the supercapacitor charged, which will allow you to keep the LED on for over 2 minutes on the Low level or 50 seconds on the Medium level (without using any battery). The Fenix ​​E-STAR has four different brightness levels: Low from 1 lumens, Med from 3 lumens, High from 20 lumens and Turbo from 100 lumens. The Med and Low modes can operate without interruption by manually pressing the handle. The high and turbo modes aim to provide a better lighting experience when used with a battery. In fact, the flashlight can also house a rechargeable AA battery inside. In the package already installed on the flashlight comes a 1300mAH low self-discharge AA cell. The Fenix ​​E-Star is also compatible with any other type of AA battery even with non-rechargeable alkaline primary cells.

The maximum power of the Fenix ​​E-Star is 100 lumens with a maximum range of 40 meters and a maximum light intensity of 400 candles. The light produced by the LED is white and of high quality and complies with IES LM-80 standards. The flashlight allows use while charging, one-handed press for power generation. On the side of the flashlight body there is also a type-c charging interface that allows you to charge the AA cell if present. During the recharging phase, the flashlight will activate a red status LED which will turn green when it is fully charged. In addition, the status LED provides information on the battery charge status: Green corresponds to High, Yellow to Medium and Red to Low.

The Fenix ​​E-Star is guaranteed to be water resistant according to the IP24 standard and is resistant to falls up to 1 meter in height. The body is made of ABS technopolymers in line with the ergonomic industrial design. High-class optical PC lens effectively reduces light loss. Its dimensions are 5.31 "x 2.09" x 0.94 "/ 135 x 53 x 24mm while the weight is 4.52oz / 128g (including battery). The package includes Fenix ​​E-star flashlight, 1300mAh Ni-MH battery, Lanyard, USB-C cable, User Manual and Warranty Card.