Fenix LD22 Lightweight EDC Flashlight

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The Fenix LD22 is the new flashlight from Fenix's popular LD series, on which new features and higher output levels are added. The light upgrade resulted in a maximum delivered output of 300 lumens while still using two AA batteries. The maximum distance reached is 120 m using the Turbo with a maximum light intensity of 3600 cd. The LD22 still has compact dimensions and a length of 155 mm with new operating modes. To speed up and simplify functionality, the new tactical mode uses the tail switch to activate the Turbo, the Strobo and all intermediate levels. In outdoor mode the LD22 has standard operations. The side switch instead allows you to switch between 4 different output levels with constant light and two special flashing strobe and SOS levels. The LD22 uses an XP-G2 R5 LED with a useful life of 50,000 hours. There are two modes of use: a tactical mode and an outdoor mode .. to switch from one mode to another, just press and hold the switch for 3 seconds until the LED flashes twice consecutively on the Low output level. The dimensions are 155 mm in length while the diameter of the head is 21.5 mm for a weight of 72 grams excluding batteries. The switch is made of metal and allows access to the output levels also via momentary on: the light remains on until the button is pressed halfway, while it turns off when the switch is released. The output of the LD22 is digitally regulated to maintain a constant brightness when the flashlight for example is used on low levels for long periods: the output will not decrease as the cell voltage decreases but always remains constant until the battery is completely discharged. The LD22 is made of aeronautical aluminum with a HA III finish so it is resistant to shocks, corrosion and abrasions. The LD22 is also a safe flashlight in fact it provides protection against polarity inversion to protect the flashlight and internal components from improper battery installation. The lens is in mineral glass with anti-reflective treatment.

The output levels available are Low from 5 lumens and runtime of 100 hours with Ni-Mh batteries and 90 hours with alkaline batteries, Mid from 30 lumens and runtime of 25 hours with Ni-Mh batteries and 22 hours and 30 minutes with alkaline batteries , High from 100 lumens with 7h runtime with Ni-Mh batteries and 5 hours with alkaline batteries and finally the 300 lumens Turbo with 1 hour and 25 minutes with Ni-Mh batteries and 4th minutes with alkaline batteries. The user interface is simple and intuitive. The outdoor mode works as follows: switch pressed halfway to access momentary on mode while full pressure of the switch to turn on the light constantly. When the light is on, press the switch to scroll through the levels in the order Low-Mid - High - Turbo. With the light on, long press the switch for 0.5 seconds to access the Strobo, from here click on the side switch to switch from the Strobo to the SOS. In tactical Mode: total pressure of the tail switch to turn the flashlight on or off. Partial press of the tail switch to temporarily turn the light on, release, or switch to make the light turn off. Press again within one second to cycle through the Turbo, Strobe and Mid levels. Continue pressing the tail switch to select the desired level.