FENIX LR50R Super Bright Searching Flashlight

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The Fenix ​​LR50R is a compact and powerful high performance searchlight with a maximum output of 12000 lumens and a maximum reachable distance of 3177 feet (950 meters).

The flashlight is made entirely of aluminum alloy with a hard anodized type III finish which gives it resistance to abrasion and wear. This flashlight is equipped with 4 powerful Luminus SST70s with a lifespan of over 50000 hours. The reflector is smooth and mirror polished (Smooth) and is composed of a series of parabolas. On the bottom of each dish there is a Luminus SST70 LED centered thanks to a white LED center. The lens is made of mineral glass, it is thick and has an anti-reflective and anti-scratch treatment. The Bezel is made of brushed stainless steel and protects the lens from accidental impacts. Under the lens there are also proximity and brightness sensors that allow the flashlight to automatically decrease the output if there is an obstacle or obstruction in front of the lens.

The head has thick and deep dissipation fins that allow the heat produced by the powerful LEDs to be dispersed very well when the flashlight is turned on and used for long periods on medium / high levels. Just below the head there are two small switches for managing the interface: one allows the torch to be turned on and off, while the other is used to vary the brightness levels. Thanks to these switches and shortcuts, direct access to the Turbo and the Strobe is also possible.

The part of the body that contains the batteries, the tube, is worked with a series of horizontal and vertical grooves that improve grip even if you have damp or wet hands. Just above the two switches there are 4 small colored status LEDs that provide information on the battery charge status. In fact, with the light off, simply click on one of the two switches to check the status of the cells. It will last 3 seconds after which the status LEDs will turn off. The status indicator works as follows: four blue lights on: 100% - 80%, three blue lights on: 80% - 60%, two blue lights on: 60% - 40%, one blue light on: 40% - 20%, a blinking blue light: 20% - 0. This function only works with the Fenix ​​ARB-L52-16000 battery pack included in the package. Using other types of cells, the cell capacity check function may not be reliable.

The tail of the flashlight is not flat but has rings for inserting wrist straps and small carabiners. Despite this, the torch can still be positioned in taillstanding on flat surfaces for use as a candle. On the side, on the body of the flashlight, there is the thread to mount the Fenix ​​LR50R on a tripod. On the torch there is also already installed a reduction screw from ⅜ to ¼ with a ring useful for connecting the small carabiner of the carrying band. The Fenix ​​LR50R is equipped with an integrated removable and replaceable 16000 mAh battery pack consisting of 4 21700 cells. The model is the ARB-L52-16000. The Fenix ​​LR50R can also be used with 21700 different cells but the maximum output in this case will only be that of the High II level. The 16000 lumens Turbo cannot be used if cells other than those supplied by Fenix ​​are used. This is to ensure greater safety and avoid problems due to the use of cells that may be inadequate for the incredible power of this flashlight and which under stress could overheat and explode. The battery pack is recharged via the type-C charging port which is also bidirectional so you can use the flashlight for example as a power bank to recharge your smartphone, speakers, camera etc.


> OUTPUT: Maximum output of 12000 Lumens
> DISTANCE: Maximum 950meters
> Size: 6.42'' x 3.46'' x 2.36'' /163 x 88 x 60mm
> Weight: 34.8 oz/980g excluding battery
> Batteries:Included:ARB-L52-16000 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery Pack
> Compatible: Four rechargeable 21700 batteries (maximum output is 6000 Lumens with 21700 batteries)