Fenix PD36R Pro Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight

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The Fenix ​​PD36R Pro is a linear flashlight in the 21700 format, capable of delivering an output of 2800 lumens to the Turbo with a maximum range of 1247 feet (380 m). The emitter mounted on this light is the famous SFT70 with a duration of over 50,000 hours. The lens is in ultra-clear tempered glass and equipped with the classic anti-reflective treatment.

The Fenix ​​PD36R Pro is equipped with two different tail switches that allow you to turn the flashlight on and off, select the output levels from the 6 available and use the momentary ignition, useful for tactical applications.

Included Fenix ​​provides a 5000mAh 21700 cell capable of keeping the flashlight running for over 42 hours on the lowest output level. The battery model is the ARB-L21-5000. Fenix ​​PD36R Pro is also compatible with other battery models such as Fenix ​​ARB-L21-5000 V2.0 (recommended), Fenix ​​ARB-L21-5000U (Usable), Fenix ​​ARB-L21-4000P (Usable ), Rechargeable Battery (Lithium Ion) (can be used with caution).

The dimensions of the Fenix ​​PD36R Pro are length: 5.74 inches (145.8 mm), head diameter: 1.04 inches (26.5 mm), body diameter: 1.01 inches (25.7 mm) while the weight is 5.96 oz (169 g) including battery. The levels available are 5 normal and a special stroboscopic and have the following outputs: eco 30 lumens with 42 hours of autonomy and 400cd, Low 150 lumens with 19 hours of autonomy and 1900 cd, Medium with 8 hours and 15 min of autonomy and 4300 cd, High from 1000 lumens with 3 hours and 55 minutes of autonomy 12800 cd, Turbo from 2800 lumens with 3 hours and 30 minutes and 36600 cd and finally the Strobo with 2500 lumens.

The flashlight is equipped with a round-shaped switch called a tactical switch and an oval-shaped switch called a functional switch. Lightly touch the tactical switch to turn on the flashlight momentarily, release it to turn off the light. Fully press the tactical switch to turn on the constant light, press again to turn the light off. With the flashlight on, click on the functional switch to change modes by scrolling through the levels as follows: Turbo, Eco, Low, Medium, High. To activate the strobe, with the light on, press and hold the functional switch for 0.5 seconds, with the light off, press the functional switch to access the momentary strobe, release the switch to turn off the light. The Fenix ​​PD36R Pro also has the function of storing the last level used: in this way, each time it is switched on, the flashlight will remember the last level used and will light up on it. Among the main features of the interface there is also instantaneous or momentary on activation thanks to the double tactical tail switch, protection against polarity inversion in case the user incorrectly inserts the battery inside the light, the battery level indication every time the flashlight is turned on and also the low voltage warning that informs the user when it is time to recharge or replace the battery. The cell capacity indication is notified as follows: Green light on: saturated 100% - 85%, Green flashing light: sufficient 85% - 50%, Red light on: low 50% - 25%, Red flashing light: critical 25% - 1%

The body is made entirely of aluminum alloy with a hard type III finish resistant to scratches and wear. Resistant to IP68 water and falls up to 1 meter in height.


    • Length: 5.74 Inches
    • Diameter: 1.1 Inch
    • Weight: 5.96 Ounces


    • Fenix PD36R Pro flashlight
    • 21700 Rechargeable Battery (5000 mAh)
    • Two-way pocket clip
    • USB Type C charging cable
    • Lanyard
    • Holster
    • Spare O-ring
    • User manual