GACIRON V18 Multifunctional Bike Front Light With Horn

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The GACIRON V18, fondly nicknamed "HEY MONKEY," is a versatile and advanced cycling accessory that seamlessly combines essential functions, including powerful lighting and a robust horn, in a single, compact unit. Whether you're a dedicated cyclist or a city commuter, this innovative device enhances your biking experience by offering both dependable illumination and effective means of communication with others on the road.

At its core, the V18 features a 2-in-1 design, ingeniously integrating a bike light and a horn into a single, user-friendly package. This integration ensures you have not only ample and reliable lighting during your rides but also a clear and resonant way to signal your presence and intentions to others.

The horn function of the V18 is a standout feature, producing a powerful and melodious sound that can be manually adjusted or triggered with a simple push. This capability enables you to communicate effectively with pedestrians, fellow cyclists, and motorists, contributing significantly to safety on the road. With a choice of four distinctive horn sounds, you have the flexibility to select the one that best suits your preferences and effectively conveys your message.

The V18 offers a total of four working modes, allowing you to fine-tune both the lighting and horn functions to match your specific needs. Whether you require maximum brightness for navigating dark trails or a more subdued setting for urban streets, the V18 accommodates your requirements. Additionally, the inclusion of a wire remote switch and a remote trigger ensures convenient and efficient operation while you're on the move.

The V18 is engineered to withstand the challenges of outdoor conditions with its IPX6 waterproof rating, meaning it can confidently handle rain and splashes without compromising performance. This feature makes it a reliable companion for your cycling adventures in varying weather conditions.

The comprehensive package includes all the necessary components to get you started, ensuring a hassle-free experience. It comprises the V18 Bike Light, a wire remote control for easy operation, an H07T bracket designed for secure mounting, a USB Type-C cable for convenient charging, and a user's manual providing clear instructions in both English and Chinese languages, guiding you through setup and usage.

In summary, the GACIRON V18 is a versatile and innovative 2-in-1 lighting and horn solution designed with the cyclist in mind. With its powerful illumination, melodious horn sounds, customizable working modes, and user-friendly remote control options, it significantly enhances safety and communication on the road. Whether you're navigating bustling urban streets or conquering challenging trails, the V18 is a reliable companion that elevates your cycling experience to new heights.

Lighting & Horn 2 in 1
Powerful & Melodious Sound
4 Working Mode and 4 Sounds for Your Choice
Support Wire Remote Switch
Remote Trigger
Product Name: V18(HEY MONKEY)
Max Brightness: 200lm
Battery: 2000mAh
Horn Mode: Manual Dial/Push
Sounds of Horn: 4 Sounds
Waterproof: IPX6
Size: 86*58*60.3mm
Net Weight: About 111g
Input: Type-C 5V/1.0A
Package includes
V18 Bike Light
Wire Remote Control
H07T Bracket
USB Type-C Cable
User's manual