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The Imalent MS12 Mini is a very powerful searchlight capable of delivering 65000 lumens to the Turbo. It is equipped with 12 American-made CREE LEDs model XHP70.2. The maximum distance reached is 1036 meters with a maximum light intensity of 268,600 candelas. There are 6 levels available: Low of 1500 lumens, Middle-Low of 3000 lumens, Middle I of 5000 lumens, Middle II of 13000 lumens, High of 25000 lumens and Turbo of 65000 lumens.

The reflector is made of aluminum, made up of a series of small shallow dishes. The orange peel treatment guarantees a clean and artifact-free beam. The lens is in ultra-clear mineral glass with anti-reflective and scratch-resistant treatment.

The Imalent MS12 Mini is powered by a powerful 4-cell type 21700 battery pack.

The high efficiency constant current circuit provides a stable output and a constant brightness especially on the medium-low levels. The maximum runtime is 4 hours on the 4000 lumen Low level.

The Imalent MS12 Mini has three fans under the head that work in unison and which allow to dissipate the heat produced by the LEDs when the flashlight is turned on at high levels or at the Turbo. The fans turn on automatically when the flashlight is turned on at high levels but you can also choose to turn it on manually for example when you want to cool the body of the flashlight after turning off the light.

Under the head there are thick and deep dissipation fins that allow to dissipate the heat produced by the LEDs effectively.

The switch is metallic, electronic, easy to activate and to find even in total darkness or if they use thick gloves.

The central part of the body has an abundant knurling that increases grip and guarantees a perfect grip in any condition, even with damp and wet hands.

To the right and left of the switch there are two colored status LEDs that light up to indicate the state of charge of the battery: they will flash red when the battery is low, indicating to the user that it is time to charge the flashlight.

The tail is flat and allows you to use the candle torch therefore in tailstanding. It can be unscrewed to give access to the battery pack charging interface.

The dimensions of the Imalent MS12 Mini are 149 mm (length) x 83 mm (head diameter) x 56 mm (body diameter) with a weight of 787 g (including battery).

With the Imalent MS12 Mini also comes a sturdy Nylon holster that allows safe transport of the flashlight. It has a plastic D-ring and a belt loop on the back.

 The user interface is managed by the single switch on the torch. The switch stroke is very short, activation is very simple even if you are wearing gloves

With the torch off, a click will turn on the light while a triple click will directly access the Low output level. With a double click you activate the Turbo and from this level with a further click you go to the Strobo. From the flashlight on, a simple click will turn off the light, if instead you hold down the switch you will have the cycle of the various brightness levels. To manually turn on the fans just press and hold the switch for 3 seconds. With four consecutive clicks, the electronic interface lock is activated to prevent accidental switching on of the flashlight when the switch is accidentally pressed and thus allow safe transport in backpacks and bags.

The Imalent MS12 Mini is also a safe flashlight thanks to the integrated temperature control system that automatically decreases the brightness of the flashlight if the body becomes excessively hot: this avoids damage to the internal parts of the flashlight, the LEDs and the battery pack.

The water resistance is IP56 while the drop resistance is 1 meter high.

The package includes in addition to the Imalent MS12 Mini flashlight, the Nylon holster, a non-removable 4-cell 21700 battery pack, spare o-rings, lanyard and user manual.

MS12 MINI : Cool white

MS12W MINI : light yellow

Update MS12, add a handle and USB-C, and the price is the same