IMALENT SR16 High Power Flashlight

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The Imalent SR16 is a high power flashlight capable of producing a light beam with a maximum output of 55,000 lumens. The Imalent SR16 equipped with 6 American-made XHP50.3 HI LEDs specifically designed for applications on torches where it is necessary to produce a beam that reaches very far. The Imalent SR16 in fact, thanks to the XHP50.3 HI LEDs, the deep and mirror polished multi parabola and the super transparent mineral glass lens, allows you to reach an incredible distance of 1715 meters. The Imalent SR16 is powered by an integrated non-removable battery pack made up of 4 performing 21700 cells which guarantee a maximum runtime of 98 hours in the 50 lumens moonlight mode. The dimensions of the Imalent SR16 are 109 mm (head diameter) 56 mm (body diameter) 158 mm (length) so the flashlight is slightly larger than a can of coke while the net weight is 1130 g with battery included. The constant current circuit that the Imalnet SR16 is equipped with allows the torch to maintain constant output levels when used for a long time on medium-low levels. This means that the light will not decrease its output level as the battery pack voltage decreases, but a constant brightness will be maintained until the cell capacity is completely exhausted. The user interface provides in addition to normal brightness levels, also the 55000 lumens Turbo, a Stroboscopic mode and a very useful Moonlight mode. The Imalent SR16 is also a safe flashlight because it has a series of protection and temperature control systems: in fact, when the temperature rises too much, the brightness of the flashlight will automatically decrease to a lower output level to allow the body of the flashlight to cool. and avoid possible damage to the circuits, LEDs and battery. In addition to this, the Imalent SR16 is equipped with an active dissipation system formed by two small fans that push the air onto the head of the flashlight allowing rapid heat dissipation. It is possible to keep the fans on both when the light is on and when the light is off,

The body of the SR16 is made entirely of aerospace aluminum alloy with type III hard anodized surface treatment: this guarantees the torch high resistance to wear, scratches and corrosion. Water resistance is given by the IP56 standard while resistance to falls is guaranteed up to 0.5 m in height. The Imalent SR16 thanks to its incredible power and its maximum range of over 1700 meters can be used effectively in all those search and rescue operations that require the use of long range lights. The presence of two fans for active heat dissipation guarantees good heat dispersion and therefore the torch is more comfortable to use. The battery pack is recharged via the charging interface on the tail of the flashlight in just two hours. The status indicators on the flashlight provide the user with information on the state of charge of the battery. On the Imalent SR16 can also be mounted a handle that allows you to hold the flashlight in your hand very comfortably. It is made of metal and can be installed or removed very quickly

MEASUREMENTS: 109mm (head diameter) *56mm (body diameter) *158mm (length)
WEIGHT: 1130g(battery excluded)
WATERPROOF: IP56 standard waterproof
ACCESSORIES: Charger, O-rings, Metal handle, User manual