Jetbeam 1M Guardian 1200 Lumen Multi-color Portable Tactical Flashlight

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The Jetbeam 1M Guardian is a small and powerful multifunctional flashlight equipped with 4 LED emitters of different colors: 2*XP-G3(Cool White),1*XP-E(Red), 1*XP-E(Green). This light is capable of developing a maximum turbo output of 1200 lumens and is capable of reaching a maximum distance of 115m. The constant current circuit allows an always constant output and a maximum runtime of 80 hours. Interface management is entrusted entirely to a single switch present in the queue. The red, green and white lights are combined to create different light effects and to simulate the flashing police light. This torch is also safe in fact it has protection against polarity reversal or protects the circuit of the internal parts of the torch when a careless user inserts the battery incorrectly inside the torch. It can be powered by a single 18.650 cell or using special adapters it can be used with two CR123A type batteries. The maximum intensity of this light is 3306 candles corresponding precisely to 115 m of maximum reachable distance. In addition to the reverse priority protection this flashlight is also electronically protected against overheating. Therefore the output is automatically decreased when the flashlight gets hot. In this way, any damage due to excessive heating of the internal parts of the torch is avoided. The lens is super transparent and has an anti-reflection treatment while the body is made of aircraft grade aluminum with a type III hard analyzed finish. The water resistance is given according to the ipx8 standard therefore the torch is submersible up to 2 m in depth although it is not an underwater torch while the impact resistance is given up to 1 m in height. The dimensions of this light are Φ 27.5mm, Body size Φ22.5mm, Length 96mm while the weight is 75.8g (exclude battery). The user interface also includes the special strobe flashing mode useful for emergency situations or in tactical environments. The flashlight comes with a belt clip already installed and allows you to attach the flashlight to any belted garment or any type of M.O.L.L.E. The tail is flat therefore the torch can be positioned in tailstanding or candle. The tail and rubberized switch is easily accessible and can be activated. In addition to the flashlight, the package also includes an extension tube to be used with CR123A type batteries, a 2600 mAh 18350 battery, a type c charging cable, a pocket clip, two spare o-rings and a lanyard. Possible output levels are High 1200 lumens with a 2.9 hour runtime, Medium 260 lumens with a 6h runtime, Low 12 lumens with an 80 hour runtime, Red light with 240 lumens and a 4.2 hour runtime, Green light with 160 lumens and a runtime of 6.2 hours and flash light with 150 lumens and a runtime of 7.9 hours.

■Uses 2*XP-G3(Cool White), l*XP-E(Red),l*XP-E(Green), life time over 50,000h
■Max 1200LM output, max 115m beam throw
■Constant digital printed circuit board design, max runtime 80 hours
■Tail cap tactical switch
■Red, green, white LEDs combined, Red &green police flashing
■Battery anti-reverse protection circuits, comply with several batteries
after extension tube installs on
■Patent temperature control technology for overheating protection.
■High transparency lens
■High-strength aerospace aluminum alloy
■HAIII hard anodizing finish
■Tail cap stand-up structure
■IPX-8 water resistance (2 meter submersible)
■Drop Impact resistance of Im
■Head size: Φ27.5mm, Body size:Φ22.5mm, Length: 96mm
■Weight: 75.8g (exclude battery)

Max Output:             1200LM
Max Beam Distance:    115m
Max Beam Intensity:    3306cd
Max Run Time:    80h
Battery:    1*18650;2*CR123A
Special Modes:    Strobe