JETBeam T10L Tactical Pistol Light

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The JETBeam T10L is a tactical flashlight created exclusively to be mounted on weapons and specifically designed for use in a tactical environment for law enforcement. The JETBeam T10L uses American-made CREE XP-L HI type LEDs plus a 520nm green laser and a 650nm red laser with a lifespan of 50,000 hours. The maximum output level for the led light is 680 lumens and the maximum achievable distance is 130m.This flashlight is powered by an internal non-removable 400mAH battery which is rechargeable and lithium-ion. The output levels are essentially two: we have a brightness level of 680 lumens for white light and also a stroboscopic level. The runtime for the light level of 680 lumens and 1.8 hours while for the stroboscopic level the runtime is three hours. The maximum light intensity is 4225 candelas or a range of 130 m when using the flashlight on the High level. The JETBeam T10L is made entirely of anodized aluminum which makes it extremely robust and resistant to shocks and scratches. Water resistance is given according to the IPX6 standard while impact resistance is given up to 1 m in height.

On the side of the flashlight there is a powering indicator that turns on when the light is on. It allows you to indicate the current battery level: When the LED lights up green constantly it means that the battery is fully charged when the LED lights up flashing green it means that the battery has sufficient capacity when it lights up. steady red means that the battery capacity is low while when it lights up flashing red it means that the battery capacity is extremely low and therefore needs to be recharged. This flashlight has two switches that can be used independently with both the left and right hands and also features a toggle switch that allows you to change modes and switch from LED to laser or combined light. To use the flashlight on a constant level, a simple click on the side switch is enough to turn on the light. For tactical use just press and hold one of the two side switches to turn on the flashlight and release it to turn off the light. To access the strobe mode, simply press the side switches simultaneously and press them simultaneously to exit the strobe mode. To use the momentary mode just press and lightly one of the side switches. To electronically lock the interface and thus prevent accidental switching on, simply press one of the two side switches three times consecutively quickly: The light will flash twice to indicate that it has entered lockout mode or that the flashlight has been unlocked. The quick coupling system Allows you to quickly attach and detach the light from the gun slides. The JETBeam T10L It can be used in three different modes it is possible to use only the LED light only the laser light or the two combined beams using the LED light together with the laser beam.

Notable Features
  •  When first powered on and while charging, an integrated dot LED indicates battery level so you know when to recharge and aren't left in the dark
  • Long-range mirrored SMO reflector is designed to provide optimal range for engagements, capable of casting a light beam more than 425 feet into the distance!
  • Concave LED containment means the bulb housing won't protrude, keeping the LED safer by reducing impacts and giving you more room to maneuver in close quarters
  • Innovative sliding rail mount design compatible with many products means the T10L can be your tactical lighting solution for multiple small arms


Max Output: 680LM
Max Beam Distance: 130m
Max Beam Intensity: 4225cd
Max Run Time:    1.8h
Reflector: SMO
Battery: Built-in 400mAh Li-Poly Battery Pack
Special Modes: Strobe
Length: 69.8mm
Head Size: 31mm
Tail diameter: 38.7mm