KLARUS A2 PRO Zoomable Flashlight

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The KLARUS A2 PRO is a linear light in the 21700 format that allows the variation of its light beam from a totally spot beam to a totally flood beam. It is a zoomable flashlight equipped with an aspherical lens that allows you to change the beam very quickly simply by moving the head forward or backward. The body of the flashlight is made entirely of anodized aluminum with a hard anodized finish HAIII. Under the head there are thick dissipation fins.The switch is lateral, electronic and allows you to interact with the user interface and to select the different brightness levels.Inside the switch there is a small status indicator that shows the residual capacity of the cell for 5 seconds after the light has been turned on.When the indicator lights up green it means that the capacity of the cell is between 30% and 100%, when the light lights up red it means that the cell capacity is between 10% and 30%, while when the light flashes red it means that the cell capacity is less than 10%. Inside the package, in addition to the A2 pro torch, there are the user manual, User manual, battery, charging cable, AAA battery Holder, spare o-ring, lanyard, 18650. Holder, AAA battery Holder sleeve. On the opposite side of the switch is the Type-C charging interface, which allows you to charge the battery inside the flashlight without having to take it out.The flashlight can be powered by a single 21700 battery or a single 18650 battery and is also compatible with AAA Type-Cells. The outputs vary according to the cell used.For example, when we power the flashlight with a 21,700 type battery, the output levels will be as follows: High from 1000 lumens and a runtime of 5.5 hours with a maximum light intensity of 44,000 candles and a maximum reachable distance of 420 m, Medium of 400 lumens with runtime 13.7 hours and maximum light intensity 17600 candles with a maximum reachable distance of 262 m, low of 50 lumens with runtime 110 hours and maximum light intensity of 2400 candles and distance maximum reachable of 98 m. And finally the 1000 Lumen strobe. If, on the other hand, the flashlight is used with a 18650 cell, then the output levels will be: High from 700 lumens, with a runtime of 3.5 hours and maximum luminous intensity 30800 candles with a maximum reachable distance of 350 m, Medium from 300 lumens runtime 7 hours and maximum achievable intensity 14,000 candles, maximum reachable distance 237m. Low 50 lumens, 42 hours of runtime 2400 candles and 98 m of maximum reachable distance and finally the 700 lumens strobe.

The user interface is simple to use and remember and is managed entirely by the single switch on the flashlight. To turn the flashlight on, just click on the side switch, while to turn it off just press the switch for about 0.8 seconds. brightness level just, with the flashlight on, press the switch in order to scroll the levels in the order Medium, Low, High and then again Medium. 

Max Throw 1377.95ft / 420m
Peak Intensity 44,000cd
IP Rating IPX4
Drop Resistance 3.28ft / 1m
Switch Body
Material Aluminum
Turbo High Medium Low Moonlight
Lumens: - 1000 400 50 -
Runtime (Hours): - 5.5 13.7 110 -
Output Modes: 3+ Brightness Levels, Dual Flood / Spot, Focus, Strobe
Compatible Batteries: 1 x 18650, 1 x 21700, 3 x AAA
Batteries Included: Yes
Included Accessories: Battery Adapter, Battery Holder, Lanyard, Spare O-ring(s), USB Cable, User Manual
Flashlight Usage: Adjustable Beam
Throw Distance (Max): 420m